Unusual Theories About Autism

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Offering a sampling of some of the most bizarre autism theories and outlandish claims for products marketed to parents of autistic children.

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3 tuning forks, representing the theological frequencies for the Jacob's Ladder, Stairway to Heaven, and Pillar of Light, a wooden mallet activator, and a velvet pouch... they are also being used in research to help children with ADD & Asperger Syndrome.
Ketch Wellness
Parents and their autistic children come into agreement to experience the effects of this crippling and devastating affliction in order to work off long standing karmic patterns existing between them.
Karmic Dictionary
Effects of the Electro-Magnetic Energies of Love and Light on Autism and ADD; Teaching Techniques to Autistic and ADD Children; The Heaven and Hell of Autistic and ADD Children; Quantum Physics' Explanation of Autistic and ADD Healings
The chief cause of autistic behaviour is a predominant reptilian brain. Autistic people appear to be centred in their R-complex; their brains seem to be wired differently to normal humans, who are centred in the neocortex and limbic system.
Jon Hurst
Dr. Joe Champion is a visionary pioneer who has broken through a seemingly impenetrable barrier that boggles the mind. Using ADAM, one has the unique ability to deliver a specific form of inaudible, customized language that directly communicates with the human mind and DNA. The results of this specialized communication are nothing short of phenomenal: it removes the blocks that prevent a person from healing themselves of serious illness and addictions... it all began when I knew that there had to be a way to communicate faster than the speed of light. In this physical dimension, we are greatly limited by certain laws of physics which prevent us from traveling anywhere in the universe faster than the speed the light. But in the non-physical realms ­which some call 'spirit' ­- we are free to travel anywhere much faster than the speed of light.
Dimensionallife LLC (Dr. Joe Champion)
It is speculated that exposure to the allergens inherent in natural rubber latex may have caused an increase in the development of Autism Spectrum Disorders in children. The timing, frequency, intensity, and type of exposure to such allergens may influence the incidence and severity of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is further speculated that a means of reducing Autism Spectrum Disorders in children is through natural rubbery latex avoidance. The botanical immune-response perspective as described herein is intended as a proactive approach to reduce or substantially eliminate the development of Autism Spectrum Disorders in children. It is not intended or contemplated to cure existing Autism Spectrum Disorders in children or adults.
Michael Dochniak
A sudden shock followed by grief, depression or fear, and lack of encouragement to develop self-confidence and a love for life... You can overcome autism in the majority of cases, if you work on giving your child a definite love for life and continually work at improving your child's R.E.M. stage of sleep.
Noel Batten
12.0-15.0 Low Beta: relaxed focus, improved attentive abilities; treating Hyperactivity; sensorimotor rhythm; used in the treatment of mild autism.
Irresistible Influence: Advanced Persuasion Tactics
En route from our aquatic beginnings to being land creatures we progressed from having a primitive brain (often called the reptilian brain) to a mammalian brain... If autism results from a baby's failure to develop mammalian behavioural response patterns, then, I suggest, the fishlike response patterns which are peripheral in a normal baby will come to the fore and provide the basis of the child's perception of reality and his place within it.
Joe Griffin
Recommends Lapis Lazuli for anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, autism, shyness, nervous system; MS, speech, hearing, pituitary, DNA, lymph, inflamation, pain (especially head), protection.
A study carried out by Child Medicine and Language Disorders Section at Ain Shams University showed that goat and camel milk and corn bread regular intake helps in curing autism, a childhood disorder characterized by withdrawal, self-stimulation, cognitive deficits, and language disorders. Dr. Mohamed Baraka, Chairman of Language Disorders Unit said that these milks contain enzymes which are useful in stimulating the cognitive and mental ability of autistic children.
Arabic News
...new researches have revealed that the month in which you are born has a profound effect on your health in later life... Autism is a common disease for those born in March. Also narcolepsy, a sleep disorder is most common in the March borns.
"As of Dec. 2005 a hat with velostat worn by autistic children has improved their performance markedly. Michael Menkin is seeking more autistic children in the Seattle, Washington area to try the hat. Some of the autistic children who improved after wearing the hat with velostat for over three months are not related to UFOs or any alien phenomenon."
Autism is an emotional problem where the child withdrawals from reality and goes into its own private world of altered states. However, the increase in autistic children is believed by the authors to be the result of increased trauma-based mind control. (WARNING: This website contains anti-Semitic material.)
Fritz Springmeier, Cisco Wheeler
Not only is the HLA A3 map a better match for Saami ancestry than the ABO A2 (which is more generally northern Scandinavian) but it is recognized that antigens to HLA A3 show up in a lot of patients with autism spectrum disorders -- and that there is a likely auto-immune component to the disease(s).
Presents the hypothesis that autism rates are driven by an interaction between populations. Editorial note: This site contains pseudo-scientific material that appears driven by a racist political agenda.
Jim Bowery
Autism is the result of non-verbal receptors of the dolphin-whale kingdoms in the brain of a human. Such a mixture is the result of the creation of the 'mermaid' species by the Anu scientists... The records for the blending of animal and aquatic DNA with human DNA leave a scarring in the ancestry and cellular structure. Every so many generations, the scars recur leading to deformity or autism. Deformity generally occurs where animal heads were united with human form, or human heads with animal form in the Anu experiments. Often this leads to a "hump back human" if expressed in present time. Some adults experience a webbing between fingers or toes, or a crippling form of arthritis in which fingers and toes twist around one another. This form of birth defect or arthritis is the expression of the scarring in the ancestry where the genetics for the fins of fish or dolphins and whales were united with the arms and legs of humans. As those suffering from such patterns in present time or their relations release the karma in full, such genetic scarring shall release and the genes associated shall be erased from the human gene pool.
Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila"
...we made a breakthrough in the core project of bringing people into permanent peak states. We're working to apply our approach into simple processes to heal serious conditions such as schizophrenia, addictions, autism, and severed spines, to name a few.
So a psychiatrist from Seoul National University is quoted as saying that early bilingualism causes speech impediments and autism, and is also incompatible with a well-rounded education. Words fail me... I mean, how can you get to be a Reuters reporter -- writing in English from Korea -- without noticing that kids grow up speaking several languages without developing speech impediments or autism or unbalanced education at an unusual rate?
"Our daughter...has high functioning autism and was not sleeping through the night for 7 years! Once we received the sleep pad she has slept all night and wakes up a much happier child. When she does not sleep in her bed we notice a negative difference in her behavior... We see such a significant improvement in her behavior that I wouldn't want to give up the magnetic pad!"
Dean Bonlie
Recently, I have had the opportunity to to review the abnormal frequency evaluations on 4 Autistic children and have been very concerned over the large amount of pathology that these youngsters are burdened with. Its seems that the damage to their humeral and immune systems has allowed them to function like a sponge when exposed to many pathogens, which in turn has greatly increased their autism problems. As you know the best treatment protocols are using a natural approach much like Dr. Buie's approach at Harvard. I feel the addition of this technology will enable the family to better deal with the child's frequent illnesses and enable them to heal more completely.
Zane R. Gard
As I listened, it seemed as though these characteristics were more like those of a lizard or chameleon, than a child. My mind then leapt from this to a picture of Michael and the Dragon. Are these children here to remind us of our true task in the present? Our modern world seems to be driven by fear and Rudolf Steiner's well-known words for the Michael Age immediately come to mind..
Patricia Dougall
Dr. Shin Min-sup, a professor at Seoul National University who specializes in issues of adolescent psychiatry, is worried about the trend for surgery and also for pushing young children too hard to learn languages. "There's the potential for life-damaging after-effects," Shin said. "Learning a foreign language too early, in some cases, may not only cause a speech impediment but, in the worst case, make an child autistic."
Now, with the advent of epidural anaesthesia and anticipated caesarean section in the delivery factories, individuals of the autistic-psychotic series are produced by numbers.
Jean-Michel Fitremann
Somatotropic therapy is a somatic approach to uncovering and resolving the major topological schemas representing unresolved traumas in infants, children, and adults... In several dramatic cases, autism and attachment disorders responded to treatment.
William R. Emerson
The autistic series is the type of disorders when the first imprint, vitalisation, has not been had, and the child is unborn, or has regressed to a prenatal stage, the child is born, vitalised but shelled in, or has regressed to a previtalisation stage...
Jean-Michel Fitremann
Perhaps, with Uranus in Pisces, the reason for autism will be discovered as new information on the brain/mind and nervous system (Uranus) comes to light.
Risa D'Angeles
Savants are more receptive to receiving channeled information than the average person... On a purely metaphysical level, autistic children are almost always infant or early baby souls, retreating out of fear of some person or thing.
Ainslie Macleod, Spirit Channeler
(Autism) is another mental disorder that Dr. Clark says is easily cured by zapping. I had the opportunity to witness this in a seven-year old girl who wa also suffering from a severe flu. After a half hour the flu symptoms disappeared and she turned into a chatterbox. She enrolled in school the next week and was doing very well the last time I saw her.
Don Croft
Using "Etheric Light and Color" to treat every condition under the sun, including alien thought implants and autism.

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