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Is it me or do other people feel a little uneasy when their childs doctor uses specialty labs such as Great Smokies, Great Plains and Immunosciences. Immunosciences is currently being investigated by their accredidation board from my understanding. I want to help my child, but why are these tests so non-standard? I feel like these tests will show whatever the doctor is expecting them to show.
Alexander's Daddy
Doctors Data, Inc. uses ICP-MS to determine urine mercury levels expressed as a ratio µg/g creatinine. As it happens to be the case, Labcorp (36 locations here in the Phoenix and Tuscon areas, yes, you read that correctly, 36 locations here in the Phoenix and Tucson areas) also provides urine mercury analysis using ICP-MS, and they also provide the ratio expressed as mercury µg/g creatinine. The equipment at Doctor's Data, Inc. is not necessarily "much more sensitive" as being used, but more likely "identical", and I may not be a doctor, but I do know that 1 laboratory in Illinois is not mathematically "more" than several local laboratories here in Arizona. I wonder what would happen to that number of local labs offering ICP-MS urine mercury analysis if I contacted SonoraQuest (another local clinical lab company) or local hospitals too. Incidentally, I saw that Labcorp offers what looks to be a pretty slick clinical research results delivery and integration package as well.
Dad of Cameron
Preliminary research has shown that individuals with autism have altered urinary amino acid, blood lipid and faecal microbiological profiles. Nutritional supplementation can normalize these profiles.
Includes Center for Complex Infection Diseases "Condition level non-compliance causing immediate and serious threat to health and safety of patients."
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Last August, after an inspection of (Dr. W. John) Martin's practices, the government shut down his lab because of "immediate jeopardy" and ordered him to "cease and desist." Team Four Reports has learned Martin's federal lab certificate was suspended and his state license was revoked. The reports cite dozens of violations, including failure to maintain records and throwing out blood samples. The CDC says Martin's actions border on fraudulent activity. "He tested at least 650 patients a year according to federal records, 1,000 people a year according to state records ... I think it's quite dangerous if he's actually seeing that many patients," said Mahi.
The tests listed below have little or no diagnostic value. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are done primarily or exclusively by chiropractors. If you encounter a practitioner who uses any of these tests, you should seek advice elsewhere. Practitioners who do live cell analysis, biological terrain assessment, dental sensitivity testing, and cytotoxic testing in their offices are required to have CLIA approval for high-complexity testing. Except for freestanding commercial laboratories, blood banks, hospitals, and large medical offices, very few facilities have high-complexity approval. Only a few states restrict the use of unestablished laboratory tests. Nevertheless, if you encounter a practitioner who does these four tests and is not obviously running a laboratory, please ask your state laboratory department to investigate.
Stephen Barrett, Quackwatch
On October 17, 2002, FDA investigators accompanied U.S. Marshals in a seizure of dietary supplements making drug claims from the Humphrey Laboratories of Lake Oswego, Oregon, doing business as Kirkman Laboratories. U.S. Marshals seized hundreds of bottles of Kirkman's HypoAllergenic Taurine Capsules after FDA determined that Kirkman had made unsubstantiated claims that the product could treat autism.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
The most notorious of the Great Smokies tests is its 'comprehensive digestive stool analysis'... There is no mention of stool microbiology methods remotely resembling those offered by Great Smokies in the American Society for Microbiology's Manual of Clinical Microbiology, generally regarded as the gold standard of clinical microbiology texts.
Laboratory testing for doctors and individuals, specializing in organic acid testing.
List includes Doctor's Data, Great Plains Laboratory, Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, Immuno Laboratories and Immunosciences Lab.
Stephen Barrett, Quackwatch
Martin preyed upon patients who were desperately ill, telling them that he knew what they had (a "stealth" virus) and only he could save them from their "fatal" disease. His therapeutic regimen included antibiotics, antivirals, diet and vitamins, neurontin, and other medications, including anti-depressants, that have all been tried before and are not new. What was different, was that he wanted you to be "monitored" closely which includes lot of tests that he does and not "to conclude a lack of long term benefit" for at least 4-6 months. He thoroughly frightened many by telling them that without funding for him, they had no chance.
National CFIDS Foundation

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