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Who says we don't have a sense of humor??? CafePress shop featuring products bearing the message 1) "I love someone with Asperger's Syndrome... and it makes them very uncomfortable", and 2) "Aspies of the World Unite! Oh, right, like we're gonna hold hands."
Artwork from the mind of an autist. NO "puzzle ribbons" here. Autistics don't like to be portrayed as "puzzles".
Welcome to the Autactivo store. Here you will find products that speak out against autism erasure in all its various forms.
Lisa Jean Collins
Purchasing these products helps Kind Tree create the special events that benefit people with autism - and they raise awareness. Knowledge is the first step to acceptance.
Café Press
Proud to be Autistic? Autist Art: Autism With an Attitude sells a wide variety of autistic pride apparel, buttons, stickers, and other merchandise. Autist Art promotes autistic activism and advocacy through autistic visibility. It features a wide selection of pro-autistic designs by a person on the Spectrum, from anti-curebie designs, to "nonverbal", to Wrong Planet Alien designs. Celebrate the autistic spectrum and be visible with these many designs. There are currently 29 different designs in the store. New designs are added frequently.
Queerspiritart, Cafepress
Another of Oddizm's shops. A "puzzle ribbon" free zone. Autistic adults aren't puzzles, autistic children aren't puzzles. We are human beings.
Oddizm, Café Press
Where you can find buttons sporting the legend of the Autistic Liberation Front, "I Am Not A Puzzle, I Am A Person"
A mistake has been made. / The word doctors and neurologists / use to diagnose our children is autism, / but it should be AWEtism. / Just think...
Donna M. Cooper
The Brain Farm is a collective of rural Autistic Artists and creative geeks who rather enjoy tweaking the collective mental paradigm with our eccentrically correct line of thought-provoking stuff. Remember, only YOU can prevent herd stupidity! (Features "Honor Neurodiversity" t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, etc.)
Oddizm, Café Press
Created by parents of an adult with autism and OCD to encourage easy, safe, wonderful fun with toys, posters, books, novelties, puzzles, jokes and other interesting stuff.
Featuring t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, frisbees, and much, much more!
Café Press

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