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Arc Program Manager Robin Boaz said the meetings are designed to be "rich in content. We respect the parents' time, so we've done in-depth planning to make sure the new support group has value and provides clear, usable information. Of course, a lot of what we cover in future meetings will be parent-driven, and we're approaching this new program with a huge amount of enthusiasm."
Tyler (TX) Morning Telegraph
An online resouce for Arizonas facing and Autism Diagnosis in their family. An all volunteer based organization focused on the family unit. Resource listings, calendar of Autism related events in AZ, Online message board community, and links to important AZ services.
Jason and Jessie Geroux
Houston-area support group.
The non-profit Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center will open the Opus West Vocational & Life-Skills Academy on its campus at Van Buren and 18th streets. The 6,000-square-foot center will serve current SARRC clients, but also people from other non-profit and community programs. While other programs in the community accommodate people with autism, the academy will be geared specifically to that population. Depending on a client's needs, the academy can help boost life skills and offer an introduction to the work world, whether in competitive or supported employment or in a volunteer job.
Arizona Republic
Formerly Texas Resources for Individuals with Autism
Committed to sharing information and links to autism-related resources throughout the Tarrant County and North Texas area. First Step pages updated with new links directly to information specific to those new to Autism.
Being the parent of an autistic child is difficult, but it's not as baffling as it used to be. With the huge growth in the numbers of diagnosed cases, parents aren't quite so isolated, and there's more information circulating. While the families of autistic children in Tucson have been fighting to get their children what they need, they've also been building a community. "It's the parents who've made things happen all along," says Barber, "parents who will do just about anything to do right by their children."
Tucson Weekly
Our goal is to build the knowledge and skill base of faculty, students, and parents about working with students who are autistic and dissmeninating the knowledge and skills to educators and parents on the South Plains, the Texas Hill Country, and beyond.
Texas Tech University
Our purpose is to meet and share information, especially with regard to resources for AS and related disorders in the Dallas area.
A place to discuss all topics relevant to home-based Lovaas behavioural autism treatment programs (including Government funding and school issues).
The Autism FREEdom Foundation's mission is to provide education and financial support to autistic children 18 and younger and their families in the Permian Basin, Free said. Her two young sons, now ages 10 and 11, were both diagnosed at age 3. Free said, according to the National Autism Society, the closest chapters of the organization near the Permian Basin are in Brownwood and Lubbock. "There is not a resource here," Free said, adding the organization's short-term goal is to raise money by this month and build a home living skills room where autistic children can learn to become independent. The group's long-term goal is to establish a school for autistic children in kindergarten through grade 12. So far, the organization has received about $2,000 in cash donations for the estimated $25,000 construction of the skills room.
Stephanie Miller, Midland (TX) Reporter-Telegram
We are a family support, technical assistance and training program staffed by parents and professionals with unique knowledge of the special needs of people with autism and autistic-like behaviors.

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