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Providing services for professionals in audiology; speech-language pathology; and speech, language, and hearing science, and advocating for people with communication disabilities. Referrals to professionals.
Michelle Garcia Winner, speech language pathologist and specialist for persons with social cognitive deficits is internationally recognized as an innovative therapist, energetic and enthusiastic workshop presenter and author based in San Jose, Ca. where she runs her private practice, The Center for Social Thinking. Michelle and her team specialize in developing further understanding and educational strategies for helping persons with social thinking/social communicative deficits.
Michelle Garcia Winner
Diagnosis and treatment of hyperlexia and other language disorders. We see children as young as 18 months through young adulthood. Our speech and language pathologists offer a family oriented approach while working one-on-one with the children.
Speech and language therapy and computer-based speech and language therapy products
A Canadian not-for-profit charitable organization committed to helping young children with - or at risk of developing - language delay learn to communicate and interact effectively.
Specialized apraxia of speech therapy in preschool and early elementary-aged children. Speech and Language Therapy, OT, Sensory Integration, Language Groups, Social Skills, Writing Groups
A family-oriented practice specializing in treating speech, language, reading and math difficulties in children. Help your child with moderate to severe communication impairments by designing and implementing your own Home Program.

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