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Social stories as a generic term currently refers to print- or text- supported picture material that presents information or scripting.
Beverly Vicker
A Comic Strip Conversation is a conversation between two or more people that incorporates the use of simple drawings. They provide a visual representation of a conversation in order to enhance the person's understanding and comprehension.
South Dakota University Affiliated Program Autism, Related Disorders Program
A public service to help promote social understanding between individuals with autism spectrum disorders and those who interact with them in the home, school, workplace, and community.
Carol Gray
If the child has a picture schedule at school (this is highly recommended), add the bus, with the child seated quietly on it. Perhaps there would be a final picture from the schedule that the child may carry onto the bus, matching an illustration from the Social Story created for this situation.
Carol Gray
Three distinct theoretical models of cognitive abilities of people with autism briefly explained, and an explanation of how aspects of Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations are consistent with each model.
Tony Attwood
Social stories describe social situations that are difficult and/or confusing for an individual with autism. assist the individual with identifying relevant social cues, understanding, and responding appropriately to specific social situations.
South Dakota University Affiliated Program Autism, Related Disorders Program
Social stories work well, because they simplify and isolate the target behaviour within its social context. By including simple line diagrams or photographs, a strong visual element can be introduced that helps the student focus and remember the story.
Ann Varavukala
Social stories are useful for helping individuals with autism learn appropriate ways to interact in social situations. They can be individualized to incorporate the specific needs of the person for whom the story is written.
Meredyth Goldberg Edelson
The reaction to all unexpected noises may be related to what is called stimulus overselectivity in the field. In this case, your son identifies fire alarms by one of their most emotion-causing features, in other words, that being that they are unexpected, and OVER generalizes that concept to all unexpected noises.
Carol Gray
A social story is a story written according to specific guidelines to describe a situation in terms of relevant cues and common responses.
Carol Gray
Publisher of social stories books.
A selection of notes from over two years of behavioral intervention sessions with a young child who ultimately recovered completely from autism.
A Social Story is a simple narrative of approximately a paragraph in length which seeks to teach an individual a new and appropriate response to a social or problem situation.
Kent Moreno
This study assessed the utility of a Social Story intervention to improve the lunchtime eating behaviors of an adolescent diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Using an ABAB design, the Social Story program appeared to result in a decrease in the number of food and drink spills and an increase in the frequency of appropriate mouth- wiping during lunch at school.
Rebecca Bledsoe et al
If Social Stories are helpful in addressing some of the difficulties in social impairment, they may well prove to facilitate inclusion for some pupils by improving their behaviour and their social understanding.
Marie Howley

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