Semantic Pragmatic Disorder

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Analysis of conversations (exchange structure, turn-taking, repair and cohesion ) may be more useful than conventional language tests for identifying linguistic abnormalities in children with semantic-pragmatic disorder.
C. Adams, D.V.M. Bishop
Children with SPD disorder frequently misunderstood the literal or implicit meaning or implicit meaning of adult utterances and they violated normal rules of exchange structure. They tended to provide the listener with too much or too little information.
C. Adams, D.V.M. Bishop
A sample letter, fill in the blanks with your child's name.
Margo Sharp
Excerpt from The Role of Unestablished Referent in the Conversations of Young Communicatively Impaired Children
Anne Neville
A preliminary comparison with autistic symptomatology suggested that four of the 10 did have difficulties in this area and might be better described as having autism or AS.
A child may pronounce words clearly, have a large vocabulary, use long, complex sentences and correct grammar, and still have a communication problem -- if he or she has not mastered the rules for appropriate social language known as pragmatics.
Exclusion of less affected individuals from the category of autism artificially diminishes the estimated prevalence of this condition. Individuals presenting a clinical picture resembling autism should be described in relation to a consensual syndrome.
Louise Gagon et al
A posting board for people dealing with Semantic Pragmatic Disorder.
Semantic-Pragmatic Disorder is not an illness like Diabetes. It is a developmental disorder which improves with age. Rates of progress are probably dependent on overall intelligence and the support of carers.
Margo Sharp
Disordered memory, fine motor delay, and task planning problems, as well as auditory and visual processing deficits, combine to create language issues, learning difficulties, confusion, anxiety, and behavioral problems.
Denise Vignola
The communication difficulties displayed by both some patients with acquired right hemisphere lesions and children with semantic-pragmatic language disorder indicate a failure to understand the processes of inference.
Jane Shields
General information site
There is now consensus amongst many professionals working with disorders of the autistic spectrum, that 'semantic pragmatic disorder' should be viewed as part of the autistic spectrum, rather than as a developmental language disorder.
Jane Shields
I hear what you say but I don't know what you mean.
Children with this disorder have problems understanding the meaning of what other people say, and they do not understand how to use speech appropriately themselves.
Julia Muggleton

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