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A new initiative to protect children from abuse in their schools, treatment programs, and residential facilities, responding to deaths, injuries and trauma resulting from inhumane practices in programs serving children and youth with disabilities.
Family Alliance to Stop Abuse and Neglect
A 14-year-old autistic boy died in a San Antonio mental hospital March 4 after being restrained by hospital workers, the city's second death in a month in which a child patient died while being restrained.
Chris Schreiber
An intellectually disabled Perth boy was locked in a cage at his school more than 60 times in a six-month period, including for misbehaviour as minor as taking off his shoes and burping.
Kathryn Shine,
The reestablishment of trust and connectedness to others is the factor credited with improving the lives of people with autism who believe, or whose families believe, that certain of their symptoms originated in psychological trauma.
Autism National Committee
'Holding' as seen in these treatments is far from a matter of extra hugs and family affection, and members of the helping professions should be aware of these facts before they refer clients to practitioners who use physical restraint.
Jean Mercer
Our central mission is to provide a national/international support network for parents whose children (including adult children) have been traumatized, injured or killed by abusive behavior modification (ABA) and restraint.
Gilpin told the family that three people were holding him face down on the kitchen floor - one on each shoulder and one on his legs - when all of a sudden he stopped breathing and his body went limp.
Fifteen-year-old Michael Renner-Lewis III, who had autism, died on the first day of school, August 25, 2003. The 6-foot, 165-pound teen died during or after he was restrained on his stomach.
Restraint is intrinsically an unsafe procedure, which, however, in some circumstances may be less dangerous than the alternatives available.
B. Paterson et al
A 15-year-old autistic high school student who lost consciousness and died after being restrained by school employees was incapacitated for an hour-and-a-half before school officials sought medical help, according to a lawsuit filed by the boy's family.
Detroit Free Press
Restraint of a mentally ill patient may only be used in cases of emergency, such as the occurrence of, or serious threat of, extreme violence, personal injury, or attempted suicide...
Restraint of a mentally retarded person may only be used in cases of emergency, such as the occurrence of, or serious threat of, extreme violence, personal injury, or attempted suicide...
Any use of a manual restraint procedure is potentially dangerous. Potential risk factors associated with the use of restraint include obesity, the use of medications, and agitation.
Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency
Restraint is used in treatment facilities and schools nationwide on developmentally disabled. Parents are frequently given NO CHOICE despite the fact that behavioral philosophies and treatment methods are not the only way to educate cognitively disabled.
Children Injured by Restraint and Aversives
Stephanie Jobin died at a Brampton, Ont., group home for children in 1998 after staff restrained her under a bean bag for 20 minutes.
Nancy Carr, Canadian Press
The Chief Medical Examiner has ruled that the cause of Andrew's death was traumatic asphyxia, resulting from compression of the chest due to the weight of an adult individual applied during a so-called "therapeutic restraint hold."
State of Connecticut Child Fatality Review Panel
As part of the Press Conference, APRAIS will exhibit a photo gallery of children who have been injured, traumatized, or killed through the use of restraint, aversives, or seclusion in their education or treatment program.
Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions, and Seclusion
In the name of "restraint," one staff member held down her feet, while another sat on a beanbag chair, placed on top of Stephanie's chest, until Stephanie stopped breathing.
On December 11, 1998, the suit alleges the Philippses photographed the bruising and notified teachers and Vold of their concerns that Bailey was being injured from the restraining procedure used in the classroom.
Cynthya Porter, Winona Area News
'He died mentally for two years before he died physically. Every ounce of dignity was taken away from him.' -- Janice Roach, whose 14-year-old son, Matthew Goodman, died in February 2002 while at Bancroft School, a New Jersey institution.
Council Of Parent Attorneys And Advocates (COPAA)
The recommendations in the Report are intended to provide a transparent and accountable legislative framework to regulate situations in which people with an intellectual disability may be detained or treated without consent.
Victorian Law Reform Commission
In this study, the phenomenology and prevalence of self-restraint in individuals showing self-injury and wearing protective devices and those showing self-injury but not wearing protective devices were compared. A high prevalence of self-restraint in the whole sample of individuals showing self-injury was identified, and self-restraint was more prevalent in a group showing self-injury but not wearing protective devices than in a group showing self-injury and wearing protective devices. Individuals not wearing protective devices showed a greater number of topographies of self-restraint than those who did wear them.
Chris Oliver et al
Due to the current risk of student injuries and the mortality rates associated with the use of physical restraint, immediate action is required to ensure that schools employing restraint do not jeopardize student safety.
Joseph Ryan, Reece Peterson
In 1993, 17-year-old Casey Collier, an autistic boy who was 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 220 pounds, died of asphyxiation after being held in a physical restraint hold in a Cleo Wallace facility.
The use of restraint should be viewed as a therapeutic failure. Conversely, it should never be viewed as 'therapeutic.'
Peter Breggin
",,,the teacher looked right at the camera and said if he's 'noncompliant' for five minutes, we're going into a floor restraint. That's for not doing his work. It's not for hitting anybody. If I did that to Matthew, they'd put me in jail. It's abusive."
Cynthia McCormick, Cape Cod Times
There is nothing in current guidance which forbids the deliberate use of pain, pressure on joints and prone restraint on children. This is perhaps the issue of greatest concern.
Di Hart, Steve Howell
There is a need for novel methods to treat violence and the threat of violence on psychiatric wards. Violence is a complex phenomenon that needs to be met with a multiprofessional approach. Customer involvement in this work is required. The assessment of the effectiveness of programmes aiming to minimizing seclusion and restraint has been hampered by the lack of parallel control groups and there is a need for cluster-randomized trials. When studying these interventions, the safety of staff and patients should be included as on outcome measure.
Eila A. Sailas; Kristian Wahlbeck
An autopsy revealed that Matthew Vick, 23, was asphyxiated by compression, meaning his chest or airways were restricted so that he could not breathe, Fort Bend County Justice of the Peace Joel Clouser said Thursday.
Houston Chronicle
It is currently acceptable in New Jersey to subject developmentally disabled individuals to procedures that cannot legally be used on prisoners, nursing home residents, psychiatric patients, and even on animals.
The majority of individuals with challenging behavior respond well to positive behavior support plans. In few cases, a temporary restrictive component within a positive behavior support plan may be necessary to effectively reduce a behavior that could cause serious harm to the individual or others.
COSAC (New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community)
Parchment and the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency face a $25 million lawsuit in the death of 15-year-old Michael. Among other things, the suit accuses the school of "failing to ensure a policy existed" regarding the use of restraint.
Kalamazoo Gazette
Today, there are tens of thousands of individuals in jail who belong in hospitals. We could increase that jailed population with misguided, single-minded regulations on the restriction of appropriate and safe use of seclusion and restraint in hospitals.
Steven S. Sharfstein
Physical restraint should not be used to force pupils to comply with instructions where there is no danger to others or property nor a serious implication for the education of others.
Ravenscliffe School
Physical restraint should not be used to force pupils to comply with instructions where there is no danger to others or property nor a serious implication for the education of others.
Ravenscliffe School
The state is investigating an elementary school in Monroe amid allegations they lock special needs students inside a small closet-like room, alone and in the dark. The room was about 4 foot by 8 foot. Carpeted walls and floor. No furniture. No outlets. A door with no handle or knob on the inside. On the outside, a small handle and deadbolt. Principal David, at this point, admitted the room was used as a timeout room -- and that, on occasion, special needs children are locked inside. But, she says, if the room is used, it is lit and an aide is watching the child. A former aide who recently left her job at Lincoln Elementary... tells 27 News that is not true.
22-year-old Charles Mancill suffocated because of compression on his chest. Mancill lost consciousness Feb. 13 after an altercation with group home workers at a Super Kmart on Ford Road after he took a toy from the store.
Shanteé Woodards, The Detroit News
Covers: Designation of Time Out Rooms, Use of Designated Time out Rooms, Documenting Use of the Designated Time Out Room, Use of Therapeutic Restraint, Documenting Use of Therapeutic Restraint, Prohibition of Aversive Therapy
Maine School Administrative District #51, Cumberland / North Yarmouth, Maine
Virtually all of of these psychiatric patients dying before their time, whether with or without restraints in the mix are on or have been on drugs that are heart poisons.
Fred A. Baughman Jr.
This article reviews the results of a literature search, for self-injurious biting, organized in such a way as to help a clinician who is attempting to develop a specific treatment program for this maladaptive behavior. This is a serious problem with the statistics for self-biting suggesting that 6.5% of all clients with mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities engage in this behavior at least occasionally.
Matthew G. Hile
In every day life, the use of physical restraint by adults, physically holding down another person (in the absence of a legally recognised defence), constitutes an assault, a civil wrong, as a consequence of which, a victim can sue for damages.
New South Wales Community Services Commission.
Discusses incidents at Hunterdon Developmental Center, Vineland Development Center, Bancroft Neurohealth, New Lisbon Developmental Center, Woodbridge Developmental Center
A few service providers, represented by their state provider organization, continue to insist that they should be allowed to use restraints and other aversive punishers as legitimate therapeutic 'treatments' for disability.
Family Alliance to Stop Abuse and Neglect
No matter how soon any changes come, however, they will come too late for Casey, whose ashes now rest atop a Japanese cabinet in his parents' home.

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