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In which the anonymous author uses AS as a deeply negative image for rhetorical purpose in a sermon. He describes AS as involving a want of connectedness, then segues to a discussion of the need for a sense of connectedness in the church.
Homiletics Online
If you really want your children with AS or HFA to become Christians, forget their becoming social Christians. They will connect Christianity (and all religions) with emotion, that thing they can't understand and that has hounded them all their lives.
Luke Allen
Articles and poetry on spirituality
"What is a Pal?" "A PAL is someone who volunteers to "shadow" a special needs child (or adult) during a church service in their age-appropriate class or worship service.
Karla Akins, People Assisting Little Souls (PALS)
The goal of this online church is not to criticize conventional churches. It is to be realistic about the significant problems facing autistics who want Christian fellowship but for one reason or another can't seem to achieve it. This church is meant to be a nondenominational church for autistic Christians who believe that the Bible is the Word of God. My hope is that this church will be a safe haven for autistic Christians, either as a sole church for those who are currently not attending church, or as a supplement to the church that they already belong to. This is to be a place of fellowship, support, prayer, and Christian love for God's autistic people.
Whilst there are few quotations I have discovered in the Bahá'í writings that speak explicitly about disability, there are a number which do so implicitly or are, at the very least, very pertinent.
Paul Booth
I find this Steiner idea of ego-incarnation most offending... we who have pervasive developmental disorders are not just here in some 'passing through stage', we're here for real, just as much as anybody else.
Gunilla Gerland
Spirituality is a very abstract idea and many pupils, not just those with asd may have difficulty coming to terms with their own and other people's spiritual awareness. Start from the real experiences of the pupil...
North West Regional Educational Special Education Needs Partnership
The Catholic Church has told the parents of a 10-year-old autistic boy that, because the child cannot consume the host, he is not receiving Communion properly. Until he does, church officials say, he cannot partake of the church's most meaningful sacrament.
Arizona Republic
Speaking with parish priests Eucharistic ministers, lectors, ushers, music ministry and liturgy committee chair is a good idea to garner support and understanding for your child's attendance at Mass.
GLEA Parents in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh
Explores the relationship between parental psychological control and elements of large world religions. Excerpts from scriptures of four different religions and how these scriptures are related to parental psychological control will be discussed
The notion that the genome contains the blueprint of human nature is akin to an important outlook within Western metaphysics that interprets all living organisms as having "souls," which determine their characteristic traits.
Alex Mauronm Science
Now it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be enrolled...
Blair's work, along with autobiographical accounts of autism, suggest that the fundamental moral perception may not be of the like-me-ness of the other but of the other as having value, whether like-me or not. This perception need not rely on simulation.
J. Kennett
Societally alienated persons are far too often rejected by the local congregation and responded to, if at all, primarily in terms of a "mission" on the part of the church to these groups
Harold H. Wilke
Our aim is to use data from the MST, as well as other experiments, to explain what the moral faculty is, how it evolved, and how it develops in our species, creating individuals with moral responsibilities and concerns about human welfare. T
Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Psychology Department, Harvard University
The MST has been designed for all humans who are curious about that puzzling little word 'ought,' about the principles that make one action right and another wrong, and why we feel elated about the former and guilty about the latter.
Primate Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Psychology Department, Harvard University
...limiting autistic children as people to be pitied is a problem for the church... churches update their facilities to accommodate people with physical disabilities but don't do the same for those with mental and emotional disabilities.
Charisma Now
For parents of autistic children, like John and Carol Race, their stories are of ongoing disruptive behavior by their children and of rejection and chastisement by those around them at Mass.
Georgia Bulletin, Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta
Results suggest that people with developmental disabilities want to go to church and enjoy religious worship. Their full inclusion in activities and developing friendships, however, appears to be quite limited due to the conflicting expectations of house managers and church leaders, the lack of transportation or support staff, and the stereotypical attitudes towards people with developmental disabilities.
Carol A. Minton, Richard A. Dodder
In 1993 and 1994 while I was doing my ten dollar an hour job and using a new communication technique with my clients (i.e. facililtated communication), I slowly realized that I was talking to God's "agents".
Tom Smith (Jed), Facilitator
Bring on the Church Coach! Risking Vulnerability: Are you up to the challenge? Religious Inclusion: One Pilgrim's Learnings; Making Room for Unexpected Guests: Embracing Children with Disabilities in Sunday School Programs; etc.
Disability Solutions
This article reviews evidence suggesting that it is the joint, coordinated activation of these diverse systems, a supposition that opens up the prospect of a cognitive neuroscience of religious beliefs.
Pascal Boyer
I have a 16 year old daughter with autism. Our experiences with the church we attended for 42 years were the source of many hurts and tears which lead me into depression.
Adelle Jameson Tilton
Understand the influence of personal life experiences. Consider the past practices and current preferences of individuals. Teach self advocacy and conflict resolution skills. Use natural support systems whenever possible.
Rick Newton

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