Publishers of Books on Autism

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Featuring their video, Different Shades of Autism, the Ahead With Autism Gallery, and the Gateway School
Publications offering practical resources that parents, teachers or day care providers need to offer meaningful, stimulating activities for children with autism, Asperger Syndrome and other pervasive development disabilities
Periodical from Future Horizons
Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, relied on his experience working with the physically and mentally disabled.
Associated Press
Books, a video and posters to help students, parents, teachers and administrators Take Action Against Bullying.
Videos and training seminars on all aspects of child development.
Video documentary of Jack's first six years and the ensuing struggle his family faced dealing with his autism
As parents of a son with Asperger Syndrome, we've sought out a wide range of experts to help him succeed. We're sharing the best of what we've learned in a series of videos to help people with AS and other special needs.
How to begin? In bewilderment, I think —that's the truest way. That's where we began, all those years ago. That's where everyone begins who has to do with autistic children. And even now, when my daughter is past forty...
Clara Claiborne Park
Publisher of the Autism Treatment Guide
World leader in autism/Asperger's Syndrome publishing.
A small independent press striving to produce readable, accessible, user-friendly books and resources about full inclusion in school, work, and community.
Accessible professional and academic books in the social and behavioural sciences.
Publisher of books and journals
International newsletter devoted to autism
Psychological publications
A comic novel about an eleven-year-old autistic boy who struggles to cope with the absurdities of so-called 'normal' life, both in the classroom and with his eccentric family.
James Williams
Publisher and distributor of books on autism, founded by Sibley and Abby Collins.
PlaySteps® books teach constructive play, step by step.
Publishes, produces and sells books and curricular therapy materials, tests, and journals dedicated to psychology, special education, early intervention, and speech, language, and hearing.
Publishes materials focusing on real-life disabilities, diseases and problems, promoting social/emotional growth and greater understanding.
Award winning CD's, Cassettes, and booklets which provide invaluable information pertaining to sensory integration, ADD, learning disabilities, raising children with sensory motor, developmental, and social-emotional challenges.
Work activities in their simplest form. They are designed as starting points for young children with autism who are learning how to work.
Publisher of social stories books.
Learning videotapes and educational materials
A language manual for children with autism, Asperger's syndrome and related developmental disorders.
The Complete Psychology Publisher
Publisher of Tests, Books, Software, and Therapy Tools for Professionals in Psychology, Education, and Allied Fields

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