Positive Behavioral Support

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A key focus of PBS is building responsive environments that "stack the deck" in favor of appropriate student behavior and preferred quality of life outcomes.
Ann Turnbull et al
A discussion of the linkage between assessment and behavioral support strategies and with a review of the fundamental considerations in developing comprehensive support plans.
GlenDunlap, BobbieJ. Vaughn, and Robert O'Neill
Deborah L. Hedeen
Robert H. Horner, Robert E. O'Neill, K. Brigid Flannery
Our goal has been to provide an overview of elements of BSPs that characterize positive behavior support. We have not emphasized specific procedures or strategies but tried to provide an outline that might be used by school teams as they build plans or by parents as they assess the plans proposed for their children.
Robert H. Horner et al
Procedures used in stress management such as relaxation, picture rehearsal, desensitisation, assertiveness, social skill instruction, exercise and humour can easily fit into a frame of reference referred to as positive behavioural support.
June Groden, Patricia LeVasseur
The data for all focus persons suggest that the nondirective training/consultation was an effective means for developing intervention strategies and best-practice effective FAs and BSPs.
Daniel Baker
Positive behavioral support is a maturing enterprise based on person-centered values and comprised of assessment and intervention strategies that are designed to reduce challenging behaviors while promoting adaptive and socially desirable alternatives.
Bobbie Vaughan et al
Practical Approaches to Behaviors that Drive You Crazy
Problem behaviors may include self-injury, aggression and other destructive acts; tantrums and other disruptive responses; excessively repetitive or irritating behavior that interfere with a person's learning or social interactions.
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, University of Albany SUNY
Positive behavior support involves the assessment and reengineering of environments so that people with problem behaviors experience reductions in problem behaviors and an increase in the social, personal, and professional quality of their lives.
Robert Horner
A positive behavioral support plan is developed for each individual, and is based upon information gathered across all environments the person contacts.
Susan Hawkins
PBS involves a proactive, assessment-based approach that is consistent with the science of behaviour & person-centred action; examines not only the person but their life contexts; encourages collaboration among families and professionals...
Tony Osgood, Bob Marks
PBS emphasizes a lifestyle focus in natural settings implemented by teachers, families, and perhaps others, using an array of assessment and support procedures.
Ann Turnbull et al
The results showed that implementation of management resulted in high levels of appropriate performance of schoolwork activities, negligible levels of disruptive behavior, and complete elimination of time spent in time-out.
Lynn Kern Koegel et al
Students supported by BIP technical assistance have made progress learning behavioral alternatives and communication skills, have increased access to local environments and activities, and have improved family and other social relationships.
Marty Smith, L. Juane Heflin
The purpose of this article is to describe a large-scale, statewide program for training supervisors in selected knowledge and skills associated with PBS.
Dennis Reid et al

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