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Despite claims of acceptance, they in fact seem to have a wholly negative view of autism... If you truly accept something, you stop hoping and praying that it'll go away.
Claire Sainsbury
After working with me for over three years, my parents achieved what the experts had deemed 'impossible': my complete recovery from autism with no trace of my former condition.
Raun Kaufman. Option Institute
Teaches parents and professionals caring for children and adults challenged by ASD, using The Son-Rise Program®, a home-based/child-centered program.
Principles of The Son-Rise Program®, the autism treatment modality taught at the Autism Treatment Center of America™.
Raun Kaufman
If we really want to help our children, let us dare to promote hope instead of fear, acceptance instead of judgment, optimism instead of dire predictions.
Raun Kaufman
An extended discussion board thread on the topic of the Son-Rise program's practice of locking the playroom door.
Can we, as human beings, overcome circumstances that others have deemed insurmountable? In my highly biased opinion, the answer is yes.
Raun Kaufman
My experience of OI and its founders was that they are deceitful and their philosophy is that if you're "happy", anything goes, including lying. If you disagree with OI in any way then you are labeled "unhappy". Of course, they are happy and you are not.
Steven Alan Hassan's Freedom of Mind Center
I strongly believe that the one-to-one child led therapy has suited our family and provided Emily with a very real and permanent foundation on which to build her millions of potential goals and achievements.
Raun Kaufman was on Scotland Today to talk about his experience of autism and the Son- Rise program which has been designed to treat children and adults who have autism or other developmental difficulties.
Scottish TV: Scotland Today
Raun Kaufman is the chief executive officer of Massachusetts-based organization Autism Treatment Center of Americas. Kaufman is also a former autism patient. Parents of autistic children travel from around the world to attend Kaufman's seminars that seem to reverse autism. The program, called Son-Rise, works in several stages and events with both parents and their children.
A home-based treatment program for autism, autism spectrum disorders and other associated developmental challenges.
Jonathan Levy
The attitude and teaching style inherent in the Son-Rise programs results in improved emotional well-being, which leads to less aggression and self-injurious behaviours, and increased potential for learning.
Susan Davis

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