On "My Name Is Autism"

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I strike infants, or I let parents have a few normal years with their children; then I strike at age two or three. I like girls but I prefer boys. I keep the child withdrawn from normal activities, and I lock them up in a world of their own.
Anne Watson
I am autism. I invite you to question how you treat others, because I am a mirror to your soul. As you respond to others, even those you disagree with, so will I be treated. If you cannot tolerate difference, why should others tolerate me?
Beth, Silver Cuckoo Special Needs
How can autistic citizens live with dignity in a society where people are not only moved to speak with such venom about cognitive difference and sensory challenges, but are publicly praised and rewarded for doing so?
Kathleen Seidel, neurodiversity.com
I taketh away and give nothing but bewilderment and loathing in return. I take speech and learning... socialization and understanding... if I am allowed to flourish, I take away all but their physical life. What I leave behind is almost worse than death.
Omri Fiman, Marty Murphy
We, the undersigned, neither agree with Ms. Murphy's conception of autism nor appreciate Ms. Murphy's claim to be speaking for "those of us." We do not believe that we are akin to "calves born in Texas with defects," that we are "victims" of autism, and that our families were "taken hostage" by autism.
I bring you joy, delight, happiness and wonder / I bring you sorrow, sadness and pain... Accept me at least / But if you welcome me, if you befriend me / Your lives I will enrich.
Philip Ashton

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