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AS Others is a place for the families, relatives, friends and partners of people with Asperger Syndrome... or any other interested parties, to share their thoughts, ask questions, leave comments, or just let off steam.
A list for those with Asperger's Syndrome or their families. This list is to encourage us to look for the positives in our situations, learn as much as we can and above all SUPPORT one another through difficult times.
The focus of Autism Culture is to show that Autism is a natural difference among the neurologically typical, though lightly sprinkled throughout, yet rapidly growing in number.
Share Asperger syndrome and autistic spectrum news and information.
Most of our members identify as NT, or NT with some AS traits, or 'not sure' whether our AS traits are hereditary / learnt / depressive reactions to our upbringing.
This is a forum for spouses and partners of those diagnosed with AS.
A list for AS adults and friends, those affected by the autism spectrum and those who love them, for the free exchange of ideas, and information sharing.
Only for people who have Autism, Asperger syndrome or a related condition.
An online support service for those involved with Asperger Syndrome in Australia. Offers news, message board, chat room, Australian Asperger/Autism Mailing List, general information, educational information, links from Australia and beyond.
For people who have been diagnosed with AS or are interested in self-diagnosing. It's really intended for some kind of discussion group for the people who have the diagnosis rather than support for families/siblings.
Offering general discussion; help and advice; education; and information on medication, diet, vitamins, supplements and remedies.
Do you have Asperger's? Do you know someone who does? Have questions about them or yourself? This is the place to discuss all us Aspies!
A virtual bulletin board for parents of children with AS to network
One of our prime aims here at Asperger's World 3 is to provide a safe environment for members, some of whom may be or feel vulnerable We aim to provide a safe forum and entertainment area for Aspies and their care givers or friends.
This is a forum for those of us on the autism spectrum to get together and talk about our issues and lives. It is a support forum for those of us on the spectrum only.
This forum is for the discussion of AS no longer being treated as a disease. We do not require 'fixing,' and should be allowed to be happy with who we are, not subjected to the torment of having to believe we are wrong to be born as we are.
Gareth Nelson
The aim of this site is to help build an online Asperger's community in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, giving a chance for those with the condition to chat with other like-minded people, without feeling misunderstood.
A resource for spouses and family members of adults diagnosed or suspected to be on the autistic spectrum. Our approach to one another and towards our significant others is directed towards solving problems in our relationship.
Open, uncensored forum for the discussion of all topics related to autism, including the daily stresses of parenting children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
This group is for audults with Aspergers Syndrome and related autism spectrum conditions to meet and socialise. Membership is open to all adults with AS, whether self or professionally diagnosed. You must be on the autism spectrum to qualify for membership.
AutFriends Incorporated is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services for autistic people, with a special emphasis on serving higher functioning autistic adults. AFI is founded by autistic persons and supportive family members of autistic persons. Our articles of incorporation require that a majority of our board of directors be persons on the autistic spectrum.
A mailing list for parents of autistic children who are themselves on the autistic spectrum, as well as neurologically typical parents who are equally devoted to appreciating and respect their autistic child's uniqueness. This group will not promote ABA, although there may be aspects of ABA that have helped some autistic children. We will not promote drugging children into compliance. We will not discuss ways of curing our autistic children to make them "indistiguishable." Strange quack remedies will not be discussed seriously here; anti-vaccination speeches will not be tolerated. Discussion of nutrition and health, as well as education and related therapies, is welcome.
A free, open, unmoderated electronic list discussing all aspects of Autism and developmental disorders, but especially High-Function Autism (HFA) and Asperger's Syndrome (AS)
For all those interested in Autism in Australia and the world to share information and ideas and support one another.
A friendly place for the discussion of ASD's. We discuss therapies, treatment options, what has worked, what hasn't, and just chat with other people who understand our lives.
The site is intended as a place for those in the Christian community who are affected with an autism spectrum diagnosis.
Discussion and information regarding treatment of autism in girls, how autism effect females in the family, and any other issues dealing with autism and females and/or the comparison of males and females with autism.
Archives of old discussions.
We treasure the privacy and safety of every visitor and member of this community. Many issues regarding Autism, Asperger's, and other related Learning Disabilities need to be treated with Solemn Consideration.
This list is to encourage us to look for the positives in our situations, learn as much as we can above all support one another through difficult times.
This site is intended to give insight, share knowledge, ask questions, try to answer other's questions, and most of a place to unite with others going through the same thing you are.
Autism In Mind began life as a small web support group closely tied with Autism Answers UK list/group.
This autism discussion group is the longest running general autism discussion forum at yahoogroups. Active members represent all interest groups in autism as well as the general public. The level of expertise and experience gathered here is impressive and should provide those looking for information and direction a valuable resource. I have thirty years of experience in direct care and am a leading FC advocate.
Tom Smith, List Owner
To discuss autism issues among UK residents or issues that are specific to the UK e.g. education legislation, social services, where to go for help, availability of therapies etc. In this context 'autism' should be taken to mean any autistic continuum disorder (including PDD and Asperger Syndrome). The list has no official connection with any organisation. We hope that members will be able to provide encouragement and support to one another, to give information about services in the UK, to help spread internet use among the autism community in the UK. Additionally it can provide a forum to discuss ideas on longer-term resources on the Internet in the UK e.g. newsgroup, more specialised mailing lists.
If you would like a place to discuss the challenges of raising an autistic or AS child without the emphasis on forcing normality, this may be what you are looking for.
The goal of this online church is not to criticize conventional churches. It is to be realistic about the significant problems facing autistics who want Christian fellowship but for one reason or another can't seem to achieve it. This church is meant to be a nondenominational church for autistic Christians who believe that the Bible is the Word of God. My hope is that this church will be a safe haven for autistic Christians, either as a sole church for those who are currently not attending church, or as a supplement to the church that they already belong to. This is to be a place of fellowship, support, prayer, and Christian love for God's autistic people.
This list/group is for people on the spectrum only, not for normal parents of autistic children.
This is a discussion/support list for: autistic people with autistic partners; autistic people with non-autistic partners; non-autistic people with autistic partners; autistic people who are single parents.
This is a peer support service for adults on the autism spectrum. Personal relationships and sexuality issues can be explored openly. It is suggested that participants reserve a nick and email address for use specifically on this site as an aid to maintaining confidentiality.
Feel free to make use of our forums and the chat applet to interact with others on the autistic spectrum and/or other parents of those on the autistic spectrum.
Our mission is simple: Educating Instead of Medicating
Choices, healing and love for caregivers.
Together with NTs, the experience we all encounter can be a much easier one if we all share together our thoughts / feelings / experiences to compile a resolution, not an instant solution...
Matthew Tunstill, Site Administrator
This list is intended to deal specifically with the issues of the family members, friends, and loved ones of the afflicted person. Please note that this is not a list for AS individuals themselves.
Face blindness is a condition in which a person has great difficulty remembering faces. Anyone interested in this can post here: people with face blindness, relatives of them, people working in the field, or people that are just interested.
The FEAT BC discussion forum is your meeting place with other parents of children with autism, and an information resource for the behavioural autism treatment program of your child. The FEAT BC Discussion Group is the place to discuss all topics relevant to home-based Lovaas behavioural autism treatment programs (including Government funding and school issues). When we use the term Lovaas autism treatment, we mean discrete-trial-based interventions for autism and related disorders.
FEAT maintains a listserv for support groups and newsletters of various autism related organizations.
Families for Early Autism Treatment
Comprehensive site for the discussion of medical and physical therapies for the treatment of brain injured children
Meetup with local people affected by Asperger's Disorder (Asperger Syndrome) for support and discussion the third Monday of every month.
ICAD-L is an electronic mail network on the topic of abuse and disability.
Mailing lists, a unique creation of the Internet, allow people to meet and communicate regarding issues of common interest. Meet other caring people who meet and discuss Autism Spectrum issues on a regular basis to exchange thoughts and ideas.
Among the activitis the NAAAAP is expected to get involved with are the following: 1) raise money for lawyers to a) ensure aspies are getting justice from the courts b) proper disability etc disbursements etc from the government. c) Fight on the job and getting the job discrimination 2) raise awareness of issues that affect all autistics. 3) to faciliatate the online and offline gathering of our people under ANY banner. 4) to faciliatate a sense of unity, a sense of a shared common genetic heritage. The paradox of the diversity of autistic thought within our common neurology.
Joe Mele
This journal is for discussing issues surrounding neurodiversity and for bringing together people with different types of brain wiring. I believe there is no one type of neurology which is the best and the only way.
To support parents with ASD children. ASD = Autistic, Asperger, PDD or on the Spectrum.
For Autistic Spectrum Adults to share their perspectives and experiences of living in a society where their actions and attitudes are commonly misunderstood and for seeking help or advice from other members of the autistic population.
A general AS forum which open to parents and adult family members of individuals with AS and related diagnosis. Adults with AS and related diagnosis and professionals who work with these individuals are also welcome.
Supports the Our-Kids Email list
Affiliate of OzAutism Mailing List. OzAutism_Info is a separate list and exists for discussions of all aspects of autism-spectrum disorders, for posting hard information or adding more information to the topic under discussion.
For discussion of Australian issues pertaining to Autism and related conditions, including Asperger Syndrome, PDD, ADHD, developmental delays, and/or requiring specific educational or medical intervention.
Carolyn Baird
A personal/emotional support group for anyone who has to 'live with autism'. PAN-L was created to get away from the politics and arguments over treatments on other autism lists, so we could just help each other at the personal level.
An exploration of Autistic Experience
A message board for mutual support and education focusing on medication-related issues.
A message board for mutual support and education focusing on non-medication-related issues.
For kids who have brothers and sisters with Autism and like disorders
We are a community of families with children who have special needs. Our children span the whole spectrum of need, from mild to severe and complex... physical, intellectual, social and behavioural, whatever your child's difficulties, you are in good company!
A specialized support group for single women with a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome.
The entire purpose of this site is to provide an outlet for exposing personally unjust experiences with other websites or groups, to do with autistic spectrum conditions.
It exists as both an e-mail pen pal list and as a live journal discussion board. You can join either or both, but you do have to become a member before you can access or use either service.
The Square Circle is a place where people with Asperger syndrome or similar autistic spectrum conditions can communicate with each other using the technology of the internet to break down barriers.
A place where people with Asperger syndrome or similar autistic spectrum conditions can communicate with each other, both one to one, and as a group, using the technology of the internet to break down barriers.
Supports families with difficulties in dealing with issues with special needs and for the purpose of sharing information and helping locate resources.
This is just an area where Moms with Autistic Children can meet, and share ideas. A support for us all. and also just a group where we can meet some new friends, and maybe even have a good time.
Forum for personal-experience stories about disability awareness, rights, inspiration
Popularity, 'coolness,' jealousy, image, office politics... all of these are things that do not concern aspies. That need to improve one's image, even if by making others look bad, is not something that aspies can really comprehend.
Yahoo! Club for those parenting a child with special mental health needs.
We provide a forum, where members can communicate with each other, an article section, where members may read and submit essays or how-to guides about various subjects, and a chatroom for real-time communication with other Aspies.
This website is for people 13 to 21 years who have Asperger's syndrome, a form of Autism.

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