Landau-Kleffner Syndrome

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Epilepsy or epileptiform EEGs occur in a significant minority of autistic children with a history of regression and in a smaller minority without regression.
Ronald Kallen
The majority of autistic persons do not have seizures. However, they are at higher risk for seizures if they have certain specific neurologic conditions, such as tuberous sclerosis, neurofibromatosis, untreated phenylketonuria.
Joanna Dalldorf
Children with LKSV and ASD have a greater frequency of serum antibodies to brain endothelial cells and to nuclei than children with NNIs or healthy children. Autoimmunity may play a role in pathogenesis of language and social developmental abnormalities
Anne M. Connolly, Michael G. Chez, Alan Pestronk, Susan T. Arnold, Shobhna Mehta, Ruthmary K. Deuel
Acquired aphasia plus convulsive disorder in children (LKS) is a rare and idiosyncratic syndrome. Interventions include using predictable language, creating the need to communicate, and using alternative and augmentative communication techniques.
Tammy Chapman, Melissa Stormont

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