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The Autism File is a quarterly magazine dealing with all aspects of autism.
Autism provides a major international forum for research of direct and practical relevance to improving the quality of life for individuals with autism or autism-related disorders.
A mission to present current research and applications of behavioral analysis in ways that can improve human behavior in all its contexts: across the developmental continuum in organizational, community, residential, clinical, and any other settings.
Contributions are relevant to all aspects of human neuropsychology other than language or communication. Coverage includes, but is not limited to: memory, cognition, emotion, perception, movement, or praxis, in relationship to brain structure or function.
Contributions are relevant to human language or communication in relation to any aspect of the brain or brain function. Research areas include: linguistics, neurology, neurophysiology, psychology, psychiatry, speech pathology, computer science.
International forum for a multidisciplinary approach to the problems posed by mental handicap/learning disability in all countries. Emphasizes practical implications of the work of educators, instructors, nurses, OT's, mental health practitioners.
All areas and development during childhood and adolescence, early infant perceptual, cognitive and motor development, abnormal development, educational implications of child development and parent-child interaction.
Covers research on disorders of speech and language: linguistics and phonetics; theories of speech production and perception; pragmatic aspects; clinical dialectology and sociolinguistics; hearing impairment, sign language and lip-reading.
Promotes the study of cognitive processes from a neuropsychological perspective. Research on cognitive disorders (including developmental disorders and disorders associated with aging), computational neuropsychology, and functional neuroimaging.
Concerned with advances in the study of memory, language processing, perception, problem solving, and thinking. Research areas include artificial intelligence, developmental psychology, linguistics, neurophysiology, social psychology.
Provides a forum for a natural-science approach to the issues of consciousness, voluntary control, and self. Implicit memory, selective and directed attention, priming, pathology of self and self-awareness, development of the self-concept in children.
Aims to direct attention to the way languages intersect with a variety of disciplines, and linguistic dimensions in the dynamics of social, political, educational and business environments; to encourage interdisciplinary research and debate.
Educational, up-to-date material for MRCPCH/DCH candidates and practitioners; Reviews on all aspects of hospital/community paediatrics and neonatology; concise, practical updates on delivery or care, investigations and innovations; technical procedures.
A forum for the publication of the latest developments in cybernetics. Strictly refereed contributions present original research based on empirical verification, spanning a broad range of interests, from artificial intelligence to economics.
An international journal providing a focus for debate about such issues as human rights, discrimination, definitions, policy and practices. It appears against a background of change in the ways in which disability is viewed and managed.
Theory, research and practice which is of relevance to practising educational psychologists in the UK and beyond.
Publishes original data that significantly advance our understanding of the gene, gene sets, or genomes. Novel technologies for genome analysis, methodologies for structural and functional analyses, studies of function of large sets of genes.
The official journal of the Staff and Educational Development Association. Includes a range of perspectives, and important contributions on new developments in educational technology.
A multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal with an international focus. It provides a single source of information on the education and development of persons with disabilities.
A disciplinary dialogue on inclusive education for all educators and educational policy-makers concerned with the form and nature of schools, universities and technical colleges.
An academically rigorous journal which presents clinical and theoretical research, and is a principal forum for the discussion of the entire range of communication disorders.
Founded in 1920 by Ernest Jones, under the direction of Sigmund Freud. Covers methodology, theory and technique, history of psychoanalysis, clinical contributions, research and life-cycle development; education and professional issues.
Each issue provides a comprehensive, topical account of a particular subject within psychiatry and is edited by a distinguished guest editor, recognized as an international authority in the specialty under review.
One or two articles from each issue are added to this site.
Diverse aspects of autoimmunity: the mechanism of self-recognition, regulation of autoimmune responses, experimental autoimmune diseases, diagnostic autoantibody tests, and the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of autoimmune diseases.
Investigates topics in clinical child psychology--theory, assessment, intervention, program development, and training. Physical, social, and developmental influences on childhood mental health are part of each issue's interdisciplinary focus.
Investigates brain-behavior interaction and promotes lively interchange among the mind sciences. Covers developments in neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, and philosophy.
Psychological research on cognitive, social, and physical development. Reports of experiments with infants, children, and adolescents, theoretical papers and methodological notes.
The journal perceives itself as being a primary source of information for those who work within the field of early childhood interventions and intensive interventions from a behavioral perspective. Topics will include issues, literature review, and research on successful interventions for children with various mental health, medical (pain, obesity, etc.) or developmental disorders.
Publishes original scientific research concerning studies of organisms or their components at the molecular level.
Laterality's principal interest is in the psychological, behavioural and neurological correlates of lateralisation, evolution of biological and neural asymmetry, and cultural, linguistic, artistic and social consequences of lateral asymmetry.
Official journal of the Scandinavian Cooperation Council of Logopedics and Phoniatrics and of the British Voice Association. Covers topics related to speech, language and voice pathology as well as to normal voice function in its different aspects.
A forum for the presentation and criticism of ideas in medicine and the related biomedical sciences. Publishes ideas and hypotheses without the requirement of experimental data, as ideas occur to many people not in a position to test them experimentally.
Publishes experimental studies of memory (including laboratory-based research, everyday memory studies, and applied memory research), developmental, educational, neuropsychological, clinical and social research on memory.
A unique forum for research on the location, diagnosis, and monitoring of inherited and infectious disease utilizing nucleic acid techniques.
Leaders in providing quality training and information services since 1995.
Molecular and cellular definitions of disease mechanisms, the neural systems and underpinning behavioral disorders, the genetics of inherited neurological and psychiatric diseases, nervous system aging, development of new therapies.
A vehicle for communication of the most important and best papers, using imaging and mapping strategies to study the brain's structure, function and the relationship between the two, from the whole brain to the tissue level.
Published for the Psychiatric Associations in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Addresses itself to researchers, clinical psychiatrists and other professionals within the field.
On-line electronic journals that publish articles related to neuroscience. Some include discussion forums and science news sources.
A resource on adapted physical activity.
Aims to cover all aspects of the roles of lipids in cellular, organ and whole organism function, and places a particular emphasis on human studies.
Enables the mental health professional to appreciate both the diverse viewpoints found within the psychoanalytic arena and the potential for synthesizing these perspectives. Each issue is dedicated to a single topic.
Refereed international, interdisciplinary e-journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association: covers psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, behavioral biology, artificial intelligence, robotics/vision, linguistics and philosophy
An international forum for scholarly, state-of-the-art research on the purposes and processes of teaching and learning as they relate to the education of medical professionals.
The Autism File is an international quarterly magazine published in Hampton, Middlesex, UK, which describes itself as an unbiased publication featuring contemporary approaches to dealing with autism.
Floyd Tilton
Concerned with all aspects of visual cognition: experimental studies of normal visual cognition, developmental, neuropsychological, psychophysiological, neuroanatomical and computational studies.
Quarterly newsletter which caters specifically for kids with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

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