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A parent-run group supporting children with disorders on the autistic spectrum. Members comprise parents, health, education and social services professionals, wider family members and sympathisers in general.
The aim of Asperger Norfolk is to provide a comprehensive and integrated service for children and adults with Asperger Syndrome in Norfolk.
Provides support and develops services for people with AS in Ireland. Offers a telephone helpline; meetings, workshops, conferences; a pre-employment training course for young adults; a pilot supported employment service.
The purpose of the AASG is to give the mothers and fathers of other affected children the chance to meet on a regular basis. We offer each other support and comfort at bad times and laugh together at the antics the children sometimes get up to.
Provides high quality, specialist care and development training for adults with the full spectrum of autistic disorders and Asperger Syndrome.
An evolving and developing organisation dedicated to enabling people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, parents, families and professionals to access information about the Autistic Spectrum.
Seeks to improve the quality of life for persons with Autism, to help give them a chance to take their rightful place within their local community. Formerly Society For The Autistically Handicapped (SFTAH)
Autism In Mind began life as a small web support group closely tied with Autism Answers UK list/group.
AWARES allows you to browse online autism resources without leaving the main site, making it easy to work through many related sites to choose the one most suitable for you.
Neuro diversity encompasses conditions like Asperger's Syndrome, High Functioning Autism, ADHD, Tourette's syndrome, Dyspraxia, or Dyslexia.
Larry Arnold
Neuro-Diversity refers to the spectrum of neurological profiles describing how effective an individual is in processing information.
The Middletown Centre for Autism, which will be developed at the former St Joseph's Adolescent Centre in Middletown, Co Armagh, will be dedicated to improving and enriching the educational opportunities of children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
4NI: Northern Ireland on the Internet
Provides a structured, caring and happy environment, setting high standards of appearance and behaviour, and encouraging strategies for each student to flourish through positive intervention.
Next Steps was launched by the National Autistic Society Scotland. An estimated 48,000 people in Scotland are on the autism spectrum, many of whom do not have a formal diagnosis. Next Steps aims to help parents plan for life after diagnosis and to raise awareness, for families and professionals, of autism issues. It hopes to increase knowledge and understanding of the complex nature of autism.
U.K. based service organization offering registered care homes, day services, individual support, psychological services, Asperger services, and parent support.
A society formed to provide information on ASD in Ireland, and to lobby on behalf of parents and carers.
Our co-founders have combined experience of over 40 years as educational psychologists working across the UK. We offer training and workshops on Circles of Friends and peer support, mainstreaming autistic students, person-centered planning, strategies for increasing inclusive practices, behavioral concerns, restorative justice, and the emotional needs of boys.
Colin Newton, Derek Wilson
Offers residential programs, including Dunfirth Community, a seventy acre farm in North County Kildare; a drop-in center, seminars and meetings. Other residences are currently under development.
We support families and professionals involved in the care of children and adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Surrey and the U.K. Regular meetings, social events, workshops, AS social group, meetings with professionals, quarterly newsletter.
UK charity for people with autism and Asperger Syndrome.
Provides mutual support for parents and carers of children who have Asperger syndrome in our monthly meetings.
Operates a range of services for children with autism and their families based on sites in and around Nottingham. Phil Christie and Elizabeth Newson (who has conceived the PDA diagnosis) are clinical directors of the Early Years Diagnostic Centre.
PAPA is the Northern Ireland Charity for autism and Asperger's syndrome. PAPA has 13 support branches throughout Northern Ireland and Donegal.
Helping you find services for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) across the UK. PARIS is provided by the National Autistic Society
National Autistic Society, UK
Our NAS Branch provides a range of activities including: Self-help support for Parents, Carers and Professionals; Information and advice; Fundraising activities for existing or future projects; Workshops and seminars with guest speakers.
We provide support and advice to families and carers of sufferers of high-functioning autistic disorders such as Asperger's Syndrome and Semantic Pragmatic Disorder,
Look upon the site as a signpost, If you have a question about autism or related disorders, we hope that you will find the answer here. If you simply want to talk to others or pass some information on, then you can do that here also.
Jill Swingler
A presentation of the results of a survey of NAS members.
Richard Mills, Lorna Wing
Operates Community Support Services, Centre for Education and Training in Autism, Struan House School, Adult Services, Clannalba Respite Centre; Stained Glass Workshop; Balmyre Horticultural Unit; Swan Street Resource Centre
A support group for parents who have sons or daughters with ASD. Involved with Sheffield Hallam University and the Jigsaw Befriending Scheme, which currently offers support to 22 families affected by Autism. AS support group, monthly meetings.
We are a community of families with children who have special needs. Our children span the whole spectrum of need, from mild to severe and complex... physical, intellectual, social and behavioural, whatever your child's difficulties, you are in good company!
A special needs school for ASD children in Newton-le-Willows. Broadly follows the National Curriculum as its core, with specialist teachers attuned to the needs of the autistic and AS child.
John Irons of Davenham claims people with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism which affects four times as many men as women, are being ignored by Cheshire Primary Care Trusts - and there is no sign of services improving. John is chairman of Northwich-based CASPAR - the Cheshire Asperger's Syndrome Parents' Action for Resources - and says that lack of services from four Cheshire and Wirral Primary Care Trusts forces autism sufferers to travel to Merseyside, causing logistical and emotional problems for families.
Cheshire Online

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