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The alleged mistreatment included prohibiting "troublemaker" patients from speaking, including one who wanted to complain about water in the shower being too hot; preventing patients from moving freely...
Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, Jerusalem Post
In Israel today, estimates are there are 4,000 autistic people; 250 children diagnosed with autistic disorder every year ALUT seeks to help, advocate for them
Ynet News (Israel)
Believing in the significance of aid and contributions by all the community's institutions to help persons with special needs in the Kingdom, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BIsB), the first Islamic Bank in the Kingdom, today announced on the occasion of Arab Autism Day that it is sponsoring a low-income child suffering from autism and payment of the costs of her private teacher for a whole year to provide care to the child.
AME Info
Dubai Autism Center (DAC) is a non-profit organization relying on fundraising and donations. DAC welcomes autistic children between the ages of 2 to 16.
As per the MoU, e-TQM College will conduct training programs for the administrative staff of DAC, and also present best practices and studies in the field of quality. DAC will also actively participate in the series of quality-focussed seminars and conferences hosted by e-TQM College.
AME Info
Sabah Sadik, national adviser to the Iraqi Ministry of Health, told IRIN, adding that he did not know how many people were affected by autism as much of the country's health records had been destroyed.
Kavita's love and unfailing dedication to her son can be an inspiration to all parents blessed with children with special needs. She has found solace by being a part of GENESIS a non-profit group which helps parents deal with children with special needs. The Parents Forum is what she looks forward to as parents share their emotional experiences with painful honesty. Genesis has helped parents enjoy small pleasures and miracles of life. Each of these parents have a common message to convey. They would like their children to be more widely accepted among their peers and are ever willing to walk that extra mile to bridge the gap between children with special needs and neurotypicals (popularly described as "normal").
Audrey Henriques, Khaleej Times
The Education Ministry held a one-day symposium on Sunday at the Baraem Al-Watan Private School to discuss special methods used to teach autistic children. More than 150 special-education experts attended the symposium. The Girls Autism Program of Jeddah, part of the Ministry of Education, and Jeddah Center for the Autism, from the Faisaliyah Women's Charitable Association, participated in the symposium.
Lulwa Shalhoub, Arab News
TOMI is operating in two separate aspects: an information center that is open to the public and a treatment center that is providing behavioral modification (ABA) treatment which is customized for every individual child.

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