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Cuban President Fidel Castro attended the opening of the Escuela Dora Alonso in 2002. Castro told the audience that there are about 600 million disabled people worldwide and less than 3 percent receive some kind of attention.
Terrie Albano
In Portuguese
The first Brazilian association created by parents of autistic people to provide an education and a future to them. With this site we intend to help people who have to deal with the autism disorder.
Argentina support organization
With attempts forever being made to address the needs of children with special needs and with an association like the Dyslexia Awareness Centre already in existence, plans are now underway to establish an Autism Support Group. According to Caroline Hopton, the organiser, and mother of two autistic children, while she is not aware of the exact statistics as they relate to the number of autistic children on the island, it is becoming more apparent that these children are out there.
Antigua Sun
Members of the 17th US Cuba "Friendshipment Caravan" sponsored by the Inter-Religious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO), learned on Thursday of the island's advances with the treatment of autism. Through their visit to the Havana's Dora Alonso School, the visitors came to appreciate the different therapies which these patients receive to enable them to have an active social life.
Cuban News Agency

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