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Provides support and services to persons with autism and those who work with them in South Asia. We are an Indian organisation, and our efforts are focused on the needs of those in India.
We are adolescents with PDD and meet once a month at Gifu University of Education. In the Club, we talk about various topics which each member are strongly interested in, such as comics, trains, some goods, etc.
Dedicated to educating children with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, hearing impairment, and improving the health and the quality of life of socially disadvantaged people living in Kolkata (Calcutta), Rural West Bengal, and various other parts of India.
Around 200 families are currently members of the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS). Most of them live in Lebanon, others abroad. They know of around 400 cases of autism in the country, but they assume there are more people suffering from the dysfunction.
Christina Foerch, Daily Star (Lebanon)
This web page aims at enhancing understanding and exploration on Autism among the Chinese in Hong Kong by means of providing information in traditional Chinese characters.
I believe that I should begin with the following verses taken from the Bible. I believe in every circumstances a Christian parent should not lose hope. The doctors said Autism cannot be cured, but God knows better.
The Autism Society Philippines (formerly known as the Foundation for Autistic Children and Adults of the Philippines) is a national, non-stock, non-profit organization of parents, professionals and institutions dedicated to the education and well-being of children and adults with autism.
Yes, Ethan is a special child. He has made significant steps but he is still on the proverbial long road to recovery. Every now and then, my six year old daughter innocently assures me that "Ethan is on the road to recovery but there's just traffic, Mom." I still hope that Ethan will attend a good University, borrow my car to go on dates and get married someday. Edward still hopes that his little boy will be a world-class athlete. Yes, we still have high hopes for him and we will never give up until we find the solution.
Jeanne Tan Te, SunStar (Philippines)
Presently, we conduct the following programmes: Early Intervention Programme; Autism Youth Centre; Star Kid Programme; Star Club (Art Class); Parent Support Groups in English and Chinese
Diagnostic criteria for autism and background characteristics used by 937 Indian psychiatrists, psychologists and pediatricians were examined. Participants were asked to rate 18 behaviors as necessary for a diagnosis of autism, helpful but not necessary, or not helpful in a diagnosis of autism, and were asked to provide other information about their experiences with autism. Professionals' experience with diagnosing cases did not vary by profession and, in general, the three professions agreed about the characteristics most necessary for a diagnosis. However, within-group differences were found on the agreement over the usefulness of individual characteristics and amount of experience diagnosing cases as autistic. Comparisons with DSM-III and DSM-IV criteria suggest that Indian professionals may adhere to these systems. Conclusions about diagnosis in a cultural context and areas for future research are suggested.
Tamara Daley, Marian Sigman
There are an estimated five million autistic residents in China, including some 650,000 with serious symptoms, said Jiao Min, doctor with the Zhengzhou Children's Hospital. Nearly 800,000 are below 14 years old. "Unresponsive as they seem, many autistic children are born with special talents," said Zhang Gui'e, who noted that Yang Yang can take down the score of a song immediately as he hears it, while another boy, a five-year-old has an incredibly good memory, who could remember long digital numbers after just one sight.
Shanghai Daily
This handbook, which is, perhaps, the first publication of its kind, is a handy reference book for all those seeking information on identification and prevention of disabilities. The handbook provides very useful information about organizations and institutions engaged in dealing with disabilities, This alone makes the effort worthwhile, as it can act as an invaluable guide for the concerned parents.
Government of India
Many of these children are not at all retarded, and their disorders and disabilities are not entirely obvious to others. Thus, they are often wrongly perceived as ``self-centered'' or ``egoistic,'' and, consequently, scolded unfairly by teachers who don't understand their problems or bullied by classmates.
Kasetsart University Laboratory School (KUS) is an educational research and development center of the Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.
Daranee Utairatanakit
Bai Xueguang, a professor of neurology with the People's Hospital of Hubei Province, estimated the number of children with autism was growing at an annual rate of 20 percent in the country, even higher than the world average of 14 percent.
China View
Results support the clinical validity of various types of PDD, give credence to subtyping of PDD as in current classificatory systems, and generate a database on PDD from India.
Savita Malhotra, Subho Chakrabarti, Nitin Gupta, Parmod Kumar, Sapna Gill
In Bahasa Indonesian
At the moment, we provide sixty pupils, especially those who are of lower socio-economic level, with 20 hours of individual and 10 hours of group training per week on free of charge basis at our Centre.
A mother of a 10-year-old autistic son wants to forge a new education pathway for moderately to severely autistic children in Singapore. The common attitude taken by educators towards this overlooked group is to dumb down the curriculum, Ms Choo Kah Ying, 34, told Today at the open house of the World of Autism centre yesterday. Her son, Sebastien, is moderately autistic. "The approach is always from a conventional standpoint: 'Ok, the kid cannot do this, so let's make it easier.' They're missing the point because as long as they continue to dumb down the curriculum, the work just gets more boring for the kid, which will put the kid off even more," she said. She now hopes to share her own experiences and customise affordable learning programmes to other parents at the World of Autism, which is located within the new Learning to Learn centre at Block 254, Tampines Street 21.
Channel News Singapore
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