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World Autism Congress 2006 offers two full days and two half days of plenary and concurrent sessions consisting of presentations from individuals with ASD, professionals in the field of ASD and family members from all over the world representing a wealth of knowledge and experience. In addition it provides an excellent platform for networking, the exchange of ideas and the formation of friendships.
Autism South Africa is the National Body for people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) in South Africa. This body is made up of the regional bodies that are currently providing facilities for children and adults with ASD in South Africa, and are affiliated to Autism South Africa. There are two residential facilities specifically for adults with ASD and one day care unit. The expansion of services and facilities for the increasing number of adults with ASD is high on the agenda of the National Body and its affiliates.
Established in early 1999 with the mission of catering to individuals with Autism and their families and to increase awareness and understanding of Autism in Egypt.
Headed by the Moroccan M'hammed Sajidi, the association was set up to deal with the difficulties parents face in having their environment and that of their children recognize autism-related problems from which their children suffer, although they sometimes appear "normal." The association pleads for an early diagnosis of autism, the rights of autistic children in education, and their integration in society.
Morocco Times
A charitable NGO based in Otse, Botswana. A person should have the opportunity to unfold his/her individual potential. In practice this means being able to offer individualised programmes that help to counterbalance the limitations caused by disabilities.
There are hundreds of autistic children and young people scattered across Nigeria. For certain reasons, many of them may never get the opportunity to undergo a special and structured programme designed to enable them learn as independently as possible in an environment they can understand, predict and ultimately learn to control appropriately. In comparison, Gina and her schoolmates could be counted among few autistic young people in the country whose parents can afford to enroll them for such programmes as provided by A.J. Playgroup Foundation.
Chux Ohai, Lagos Independent

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