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This National organization works with children with hyperlexia, a disorder involving advanced reading with a severe lack of communication skill.
Fostering awareness of the syndrome of hyperlexia across Canada.
Read about the progression of viewing hyperlexia as a unique learning style to falling into the Autism Spectrum.
The debate as to whether Hyperlexia is an Autism Spectrum Disorder continues, but this site provides helpful information to deal with this disorder.
A group of children with a constellation of symptoms which included precocious reading skills, accompanied by significant problems in language, learning and social skills.
Phyllis Kupperman, Sally Bligh, Kathy Barouski
I posted a question to my internet listmates on the hyperlex listserv to find out what other parents reported about precocious mathematical ability.
Ted Whaley
Prepare the child for changes or new physical experiences before they happen. Reduce the stress in the physical environment. Help your child stay in touch with the physical environment.
Susan Martins Miller
Understand the hyperlexic learning style; observe and listen to the child to find the holes in language development; create concrete, specific activities that use this unusual learning style as a way to fill up the holes.
Susan Martins Miller
The primary reason for developing a specific diagnostic category for hyperlexia is to assure that hyperlexia is well understood so that appropriate treatment strategies can be developed.
Phyllis Kupperman, Sally Bligh, Kathy Barouski
Use written and visual models, patterned language, open ended sentences; generate rules; use examples rather than explanations. Use rote learning. Teach one way, then reverse the procedure. Teach specific pragmatic rules. Use parents a co-therapists.
Philips Kupperman, Sally Bligh
Many of the respondents who achieved the most academically or are the happiest with themselves as adults thrived on the support of involved, concerned parents and teachers.
Susan Martins Miller
A wade through the sea of diagnostic categories.
Sally Bligh

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