Homeschooling Autistic Children

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An email list of families who are home schooling their autistic spectrum children. The atmosphere of the list is intended to be positive and supportive with exchange of information, brainstorming and sharing of triumphs and tragedies highly encouraged.
A ring of sites relating to unschooling children on the autism spectrum. Unschooling refers to child-led learning.
The following article is not a philosophical argument for or against the concept of home schooling. It is simply written to give parents information which will help guide them in deciding whether this choice is right for their particular situation.
Sue Thompson
Minna wrote that she is a 36 yr old single mother, with high functioning autism. mother to Mika, (12 yr old boy "labelled" with aspergers syndrome, ADHD, SID, Dyslexia) and Michelle (9 1/2 yr old girl "labelled" with Aspergers Syndrome, SID), rain-dog the husky, and Jasper the Samoyed. On October 1, 2002, she described their early unschooling, and below is a report after their first year, so the children might have had birthdays since the first bio note above.
School has people, but that doesn't make it social. It is usually fairly anti-social since kids can be very cruel and bullies seem to be an ever-present part of the school experience. What is social about exposing our children to daily torment? Nothing.
National Home Education Network

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