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If you were to draw names out of a hat to choose a "DAN! Doctor" in Arizona, there's apparently a greater than 60% chance you'd be taking your child to see a naturopath or homeopath.
Dad of Cameron
Website of a company shut down by Washington State authorities in February 2006.
Barbara Brewitt
Barbara Brewitt PhD has been a figure in "autism biomed". She gave a presentation at the last Autism One conference, it was called, Cell Signaling: Fundamental Role in Healing and Relevance to Autism. There were all kinds of quacky ideas presented at that Autism One conference, Brewitt was just one of those promoting homeopathy... Huh? For some reason her web page of questions and answers about autism doesn't mention chanting, crystal bowls or the bathtub thing.
Autism Diva
The Department of Health says Brewitt allegedly represented herself as a medical doctor to a Seattle-based pharmacy in to obtain a drug used in the manufacturing process. Brewitt holds a Ph.D. in biological structure but does not hold a medical degree and is not a licensed physician. Reached Tuesday at her Seattle home Brewitt responded to the charges with an e-mail of her own. In a statement released to KOMO 4 News, Brewitt said she "takes great exception to today's action by the Washington State Department of Health." She also said that her company's products are "classified as homeopathic drugs and meet all regulations. There is obviously a misunderstanding on the part of the Department of Health."
The Department of Health has ordered Barbara Brewitt to immediately stop her unlicensed practice of manufacturing drugs at Biomed Comm, Incorporated. This order, called a "Temporary Order to Cease and Desist," also directs Brewitt to stop acting as and representing herself as a medical doctor. Examples of Biomed products include "Cell Signal Enhancer -- Human Growth Hormone;" "Athletic Edge;" and "Naturally hGH." According to the order, Brewitt manufactures drugs and markets them as homeopathic medicines for conditions including Alzheimer's, autism, cancer, menopausal symptoms, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and HIV/AIDS. The drugs do not have the necessary federal approval. Brewitt also allegedly represented herself as a medical doctor to a Seattle-based pharmacy in order to obtain a drug used in the manufacturing process. Brewitt holds a Ph.D. in biological structure but possesses no medical degree or designation and is not a licensed physician in Washington.
Washington State Department of Health
Oh dear, it seems the autism biomed community may have lost another shining light guru... I have heard countless testimonials over the years about Barbara Brewitt and her Cell Signal Enhancers. She's presented at many autism conferences, and many parents say their kids have improved while taking her products... Barbara says: There is obviously a misunderstanding on the part of the Department of Health." Let's hope she's right so this matter can be resolved post haste. Just think of all of the kids missing out on $50 bottles of 99.9% water.
Not Mercury
"I think it's a scam," said Jeremy Adler. "I really do." Adler's claims of a scam come after working for three months as the manufacturing manager at a Seattle company called Biomed Comm. The company makes and sells a variety of homeopathic remedies advertised as treatments for autism, menopausal symptom relief, and boosters of immune systems and energy. Last week the State Department of Health ordered the company and it's founder and CEO Barbara Brewitt, PhD to cease and desist her making and selling of drugs without a license. They also directed her to stop "posing as a medical doctor." Adler, who says he was hired to help establish a small manufacturing facility in Woodinville, says many of the medicines were mixed by Brewitt herself in her own kitchen as she chanted over a crystal bowl. "She told all of us the magic is in the chanting and the crystal bowl," said Adler. "And that's what caused everything to work was the energy from the crystal bowl."
Kevin Reece, KOMO
Properly selected and administered homeopathic medicine can be a godsend for hyperactive children. It can help them slow down, relax, and feel more internally secure.
Dana Ullman
Case history of homeopathic treatment of an autistic boy. We gave Danny one dose of Theridion 200C. His mother brought him back two and a half months later. He was now less anxious in daytime.
Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman
This should be given as an example of how quackery has infiltrated vaccine etiology of autism theory advocates. This is particularly the case as the moderator of that group supported the Homeopath by citing non autism studies of Homeopathies effectiveness... In conclusion that post to EoHarm is an example of the inroads of alternative medicine into the vaccine etiology theory of autism camp. The arguments presented within are primarily fallacious. It is to be hoped that the inroads of quackery into the ranks of the vaccine etiology of autism theory advocates will not continue.
The core of Heilkunst is an approach to identifying and then removing the underlying causes of autism and other behavioral conditions using a rational, natural and systematic, sequential treatment. The use of medicines that are non-toxic, non-invasive and curative of the underlying shocks gives it a high degree of success.
Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst
I have found that about 70 percent of children professionally treated with homeopathy for hyperactivity improve significantly, and many, dramatically.
Judyth Ullman
If the FDA required homeopathic remedies to be proven effective in order to remain marketable -- the standard it applies to other categories of drugs -- homeopathy would face extinction in the United States. However, there is no indication that the agency is considering this.
Stephen Barrett

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