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At a security checkpoint (signs) might include words that cite the laws or warn against the use of the words "bomb threat" or "hijacking." Someone who repeats this phrase would quickly come under suspicion at a security checkpoint.
Dennis Debbault
Autism and Christmas just do not mix Our son went ballistic. It was a sad sight to witness. Too much stimulation, decorations and gifts. I think next Christmas we'll just sing bible hymns.
While our mini-vacation was a thrill for my children, it also showed me that many other families with children on the Autism Spectrum are visiting the same places, blending in with other families. It is nice to bring awareness to the forefront while also meeting other families and not feeling so alone in this journey.
Bonnie Sayers, Bella Online
You can make up your own customized honk. Mine was simply left over from my high school years. The honk went to the rhythm of a cheer: 'Rangers, Rangers, we are the Rangers.'
Martha Kate Downey
Holidays are exceptionally hard because there are so many different people, places and things going on that are out of my ordinary realm. This may be fun and adventurous for most people, but for me, it's very hard work and can be extremely stressful.
Viki Satkiewicz-Gayhardt
To cope with this situation, the child must be able to handle changes and transitions; be able to handle the restaurant environment; be able to communicate wants/needs; be able to use language labels; and know the social rules and conventions.
Reva Schafer
We are back from Florida and wanted to give folks the low down on what happened when making attempts to enjoy the theme parks with our son who is affected by autism.
Carolyn Gammicchia
So I am to brave the skies, and no, I am not informing the airline prior to going that Kalen is autistic, I don't want him to be refused on the mistaken assumption that he may be a danger to everyone else.
Diane Parker
We all want to arrive at the airport with as little waiting time as possible. This is imperative in this situation.
Adelle Jameson Tilton
For parents that are brave enough to place their child in a costume this Halloween you have plenty of time now to plan ahead, try out the costumes and make sure they are a good fit. Have your child practice walking and sitting while wearing the costume. Take into consideration the weather at the end of October and what their favorite characters are.
Bonnie Sayers, Bella Online
I spent some time today pulling together a collection of gift ideas for kids on the autistic spectrum. Check it out! There's a lot of fun stuff there -- activity toys, art supplies and kits, blocks and other building toys, puzzles, hiding places, and train sets. I welcome you to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for other items to add to the list, or if you want to reminisce about the toys and games you enjoyed the most when you were young -- or that you still enjoy now!
Kathleen Seidel,
Holiday facilities designed specifically for people with autism, and those not catering specifically for people with autism, whose facilities are appropriate for people with autism and related disorders.
National Autistic Society
You may recall childhood holidays as a joyful time when everyone sat around and ate and talked for hours. But for a child with sensory issues, holidays can be a real problem. The change in routine and the unfamiliar sights, sounds, foods, and people can be extremely stressful. Here are ways you can help your child enjoy the holidays.
Lindsey Biel, Nancy Peske
Remember, you're not really in control, you just think you are! Sit back and let others take the lead whenever possible.
Martha Kate Downey
Holidays for me are often pain-filled triggers of hell-filled holidays of days gone by, Now I realize that it is far more important to be connected to myself and to my spiritual reality than it is to be engaged socially for the sake of any holiday.
A.J. Mahari
Disney takes into account all types of disabilities. For more complete info, be sure to read their Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities.
Adelle Jameson Tilton
Tourist attractions will need evidence of a child's disability and their care needs before they will offer concessions. If eating out is a problem bear in mind that many big chains of restaurants have policies on providing for people with special diets.
I will describe the plan I've used to successfully help my child understand what to do if he gets lost. My focus was on shopping trips, which are the most likely places for my child. You may need to adjust this plan to fit your child's abilities.
April Judge
The following are items appropriate for stashing in the holiday stocking for the child on the Autism Spectrum. Hopefully they will be a hit in other households as well. Shopping online is so convenient when you have an autistic child, but when it comes to picking out tactile items touching them at the Discovery Store is loads of fun. The store has all the animal movies in boxed sets, gadgets for the parents, books for kids and then the fidgets for children. The prices are very reasonable making it affordable for my family budget. The website has many of the in-store products.
Bonnie Sayers, Bella Online
We have traveled to Walt Disney World four times with our daughter, who is autistic. A trip anywhere with an autistic child is sometimes a challenge, but there are few places better able to handle the challenge than Walt Disney World.
Stacey Dunn
For autistics, presents bought without foresight can be hazardous and distressing as well as annoying. Hit the right note though, and a gift could make the whole family very happy.
Alice Woolley

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