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"Our culture sees anyone at an economic, social, or psychological vortex as a figure of despair. Despair informs all social dealings with them. It is impossible to show this despair is part of society's own perspective - unless you can convince people not as society but as individuals to come much, much closer; society wastes so much ability to reason, so much ability to laugh. Before laughter and reason, despair vanishes."

Samuel R. Delany, Heavenly Breakfast

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Features NT: Neurologically Typical; NU: Neurologically Unique; ATWL: According to what law? HMP: High maintenance parent; IUMTYT: I understand more than you think; MFH: Mother from Hell; YNPC: You need parenting classes; etc.
The normal child will usually be heavily socially dependant and this can leave the child deeply vulnerable to 'peer pressure'. This can lead to such undesirable behaviours as loss of individuality, bullying and intolerance of others and 'pack mentality'
Beth, Silver Cuckoo Special Needs
Cats show very little change in facial expression and posture is usually relaxed. Eye-to-eye contact is difficult, as cats are seemingly unable to bear looking into the eyes for a period of time.
Alice Loftin
After six grueling years of Herculean research, scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory pronounced EHC-1 Alpha, the new hyperbolic chamber, "an unquestionably, undeniably, fantastically revolutionary milestone in the history of science, mankind, and the universe, all of which it will undoubtedly change forever."
The Onion
Amid suspects that these paintings may have been painted from designs by John Dunn, another brilliant and underrated designer and story man at Disney during the fifties. They also could have been designed by master animator, Ward Kimball who directed "Mars & Beyond". Whoever designed and painted these, they certainly have my respect! It certainly doesn't get much better than this.
Vintage Tips
Whether you're Social Phobic, a Social Avoidant loner or have Antisocial Personality we all have our reasons for not being comfortable around others. The Antisocial Club is a place to share experiences, find help and laugh at ourselves. You may even get a better understanding of who you are. And do it alone.
SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Aspies@Earth is a small bunch of aspies and autistics who are participating in the SETI@home project.
What's good, and what's not good, in the world of autism treatment and research? What is good and bad in media coverage of autism and the lives of autistics? Autism Diva rates it.
April is Autism Awareness Month! Do you know what's really happening in the autism community? Learn the truth here!!
ABC Gulp; Bear Wear; Bumper Cows; Dunk Tank; Rapid Naming; Reading Rover; Weep Woop Express; Sound Sequence; Sound Discrimination; Memory Attention
Anti-images; Backwards Speech; The Café Wall Illusion; The Hermann Grid; Motion Ambiguity; Shape From Motion
Site for Secret Codes and the People Who Like to Break Them!
Karl Bennett
A fascinating game, good for hours of absorbing play.
Camilla, when invoked, attempts to emulate the standard geek(5) interface, as well as a resonable subset of the protocols in the human(5) and female(5) families. (Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike humour.)
I based this on “Green Eggs and Ham”. This was also partly inspired based on a wonderful Green Eggs and Ham takeoff about IEP's which can be found here and several other sites. It seems to be anonymous. This is meant to be a facetious, but not mean spirited look at autism epidemiology.
Tests, tests and more tests!
Childhood is a syndrome which has only recently begun to receive serious attention from clinicians. The syndrome itself, however,is not at all recent. As early as the 8th century, the Persian historian Kidnom made references to "short, noisy creatures" who may well have been what we now call "children." The treatment of children, however, was unknown until this century, when so-called "child psychologists" and "child psychiatrists" became common.
Jordan W. Smoller, University of Pennsylvania
The case of SN, a male red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris leucourus) of indeterminate age, was reported in detail by Potter. SN came from an extensive family with no apparent history of neurological or other disease.
Timothy Williams, Gareth Williams
Dozens of experiments with trying to unjam and reset and reboot him were unable to restore him to healthy operation. Toh-Loo-Ka was definitely a terminally ill Furby. So we did what any bereaved furby owner would do...we cut him up and took pictures.
Have you ever wanted to explore alien worlds? Why not explore the world of Asperger and other autistic spectrum disorders? We're an alien world, right next door!
Featuring Arnold Schawrtzenegger returns in Perseverator 2
I spent some time today pulling together a collection of gift ideas for kids on the autistic spectrum. Check it out! There's a lot of fun stuff there -- activity toys, art supplies and kits, blocks and other building toys, puzzles, hiding places, and train sets. I welcome you to leave a comment if you have any suggestions for other items to add to the list, or if you want to reminisce about the toys and games you enjoyed the most when you were young -- or that you still enjoy now!
Kathleen Seidel,
Iamonds are shapes made from equilateral triangles. I have found them a tremendous amount of fun to play with.
Michael Dowle
Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity.
Confused about how the world works? Why not make sense of it all with a grand conspiracy theory! However, there are just too many of these floating around. Here, courtesy of Turn Left you can come up with a Wacko Right Wing Conspiracy Theory of your very own. Simply enter your selections, click the button at the bottom of the page and print it out. You'll be the hero of your next militia meeting. Have fun, and remember...They are Watching You!
Turn Left
In this web site you will find colorful hypnotic images of kinetic art and sculpture.
The piece consist of five neurons, each arbitrarily assigned a pitch. Each beat corresponds to an action potential. one of the attached files is at full speed and one is at one third speed.
Tom Stafford
Created for all students and teachers who would like to learn more about the nervous system. Enjoy the activities and experiments on your way to learning more about the brain and spinal cord.
The NT mind -- how it functions, what stimuli triggers the characteristic, non-autism socializing, along with the diverse social delusion that is encountered when one NT meets another or a person with autism sees and greets them.
Chris Slater
The program will ask you a series of 20 questions, which will vary every time you run the program. At the end, it tells you which side of your brain you use more, and what personality traits you may have.
A little fun with the one-line synopsis.
A puzzle game
Reactive Colours© provides an engaging, accessible computer environment for spontaneous imaginative play and learning, in which even the most anxious autistic individuals may relax and communicate. As an Internet based research project Reactive Colours© aims to provide a software interface through which individuals with autistic spectrum differences and learning disabilities can be encouraged to use computers, and through which they can develop mouse, keyboard, programming and screen skills. The creators of this open source network seek users on the autism spectrum of all ages, and welcome their collaboration.The Reactive Colours research project has been awarded funding from the NESTA Learning Programme ( and Cardiff School of Art and Design.
Wendy Keay-Bright, Ben Norris, Alun Owen, Dinah Murray, Glynis Thomas, Vaughan Bell, Sebastian Dern
It is important that NT individuals make use of their abnormally developed skills, i.e. lying and deception.
Nick Riviera
In order to challenge our assumptions that there are clear lines between madness and sanity, abnormality and normality, try the following quiz!
Maureen Roberts
Here are scans of the All Too Flat Scientist Cards, Series 1. The complete series will be available for purchase exclusively from this website at some point in the coming year. Also, unless you are a total baseball card efficianado, you probably don't get the brilliance of this page. We'll give you a hint- click on the little preview images to see the original baseball card!
Josef Faulkner
The Stop Exercise is said to be impossible to do on your own. The aim is to immediately stop whatever you're doing and freeze in that position, mentally, emotionally and physically, so that you can observe your current inner state. The command must come from an external source such as the person or Teacher giving the command to stop.
Often, autistics are expected to follow certain rules and regulations, and fit properly within their stereotype. As a humorous attempt to make it easier to "enforce" these stereotypes, the following ticket may be used to let an autistic person know that they were "out of line." Feel free to give one to your autistic friend when they show a violation of a stereotype!
Joel Smith
For the ultimate in time wasting, simply roll your mouse over the bubble wrap to see and hear a satisfying 'pop' as the bubble bursts. Trouble is, the bubbles come right back after a bit, so it is - we are proud to announce - well and truly useless!
Transcript of discussion: We need a word for people whose bodies and/or minds have some slight flaw or impairment, and thus do not conform to our ideas of 'normal,' and whose lives are made difficult by invidious comparisons with this norm
Barbara Wallraff, Judy Singer, R. Winkelman, P. Casey, R. Johnson
A banquet of non-sequiturs.

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