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Before I received a diagnosis of ASD I thought that my difficulties in every day life were because I was not as intelligent as other people. Since receiving a diagnosis of ASD I have been able to come to terms with both who I am and what I can do.
Wendy Lawson
There were consistently expressed concerns about peer interactions or the use of break and lunchtimes. Never underestimate the actual or potential difficulties linked to ASD and AS, and the stress to which the individuals affected may be subject.
Mike Connor
AS teens require monitoring as they chart their way through the terrain of school and concrete structure and empathy when things 'fall apart' as they often do within their very different experience of everyday events.
Richard Howlin
As they set out in search of success in secondary school, the minds of students unknowingly confront a series of steep challenges, as they are required to move from one educational peak to the next.
Mel Levine
Many children with AS are oblivious or unconcerned about the latest fad or in group. Their wish for contact and camaraderie is frequently driven by their interests rather than social impression.
Richard Howlin
Significant improvements are required in middle school services for children with autism.
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
This qualitative study aimed to develop an understanding of the challenges faced by teenage boys with Asperger syndrome and their mothers. A case study approach was used to collect data from two 13-year-old boys who have Asperger syndrome and their mothers in Queensland, Australia. Data were collected through the use of semi-structured interviews. The words of the boys and their mothers provide a valuable insight into the personal experiences and feelings of the participants. An inductive approach to data analysis identified four themes: (1) developmental differences; (2) problems associated with the general characteristics of Asperger syndrome (i.e. communication and social difficulties, restricted range of interests, a need for routine); (3) stress; and (4) 'masquerading'. The first three themes relate strongly to the current literature, but the emergence of masquerading is of particular interest in developing a fuller understanding of the experiences of individuals with Asperger syndrome at school.
Suzanne Carrington, Lorraine Graham
Issues affecting secondary students with ASD are directly related to their core disabilities in communication, socialisation, thinking and learning, and sensory processing; limited organisation skills along with poor social and interpersonal skills.
Donna Nitschke
Most typical middle school students have times when they may struggle with staying organized, with making friends, and with dealing with the academic pressure. This is a hard time for all adolescents.
Ann Palmer
Grades 5-8 are the toughest socially and behavior wise for all students, with 7th being the most difficult. Here are some tips that might help you and your child make it through to the high school years.
Elizabeth Lewandowski
By the time students reach secondary school age it may be very difficult, if not futile, to identify single dimensions of cognition that cause learning problems.
Melvin Levine, Carl Swartz

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