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This review identifies types of developmental dyscalculia, the neuropsychological processes that are linked with them and procedures for identifying dyscalculia.
John Munro
It is proposed that the particular difficulties for children of lower mathematical ability are lack of inhibition and poor working memory, which result in problems with switching and evaluation of new strategies for dealing with a particular task.
Rebecca Bull
Arithmetic and its disorders are brain functions, determined and influenced by the (cerebral) human development. With modern Neuroimaging techniques, a connectionistic model of distinct arithmetic functions has been specified.
K.J. Neumärker
We demonstrated that calculation expertise was not due to increased activity of processes that exist in non-experts; rather, the expert and the non-experts used different brain areas for calculation.
Mauro Pesenti, Laure Zago, Fabrice Crivello, Emmanuel Mellet, Dana Samson, Bruno Duroux, Xavier Seron, Bernard Mazoyer, Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer
Jakob Hein

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