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Researchers found improvement in children in terms of behaviour, communication skills and also higher intelligent quotient, have more imagination -- draw better, more coherence in their composition and writing up of stories and become more initiative.
British Broadcasting Corporation
How autism affects sensory perception is a very complex issue and I was interested to learn how autistic children would react to touch and fragrance, and whether or not it could be used to help with learning experiences.
Jane Ellwood
I did an ET session with an Asperger's diagnosed 12 year old child this morning relating to fear of being noticed and being looked at because he had to attend a public concert at a local school with his group from the special unit
Silvia Hartmann
The support group is to discuss the use and dosage of Noni Morinda Citrifolia juice, which is a botanical beverage first discovered in French Polynesia.
Gulf Daily News, Bahrain
Complementary and alternative treatments that currently are popular can be categorized in several groups: vitamins and supplements, dietary manipulations, alternative uses of biologic agents, immune therapy, and nonpharmacologic therapies.
Susan Hyman, Susan Levy
Studies of brain circulation suggests that there is an impairment of activity over the fronto-parietal areas, which would be expected to limit function in speech, perception and co-ordination and motor skills.
Autism Management Limited
Since many children with autism have poor access to effective treatment, the authors noted, 'it is not surprising that families turn to complementary and alternative medicine strategies.'
Doug Payne
The use of complementary and alternative medicine to treat chronic illness or disability is increasing in the United States. This is especially evident among children with autism and related disorders. It may be challenging to the practicing pediatrician to distinguish among accepted biomedical treatments, unproven therapies, and alternative therapies. Moreover, there are no published guidelines regarding the use of CAM in the care of children with chronic illness or disability. To best serve the interests of children, it is important to maintain a scientific perspective, to provide balanced advice about therapeutic options, to guard against bias, and to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with families.
Committee on Children With Disabilities
I would have to say that 'We' treated Liam. I did my part each week in giving him his craniosacral therapy. And his Trojan parents did their part in getting him to his appointments every week and never missing one, and in understanding and loving him unconditionally at home!
Denise McCann
The Cayce approach to autism focuses on assisting the body in healing itself by the application of a variety of therapies intended to address the underlying causes of the condition. The mental and spiritual aspects of healing are strongly emphasized.
Cayce Health Database Information Health and Rejuvenation Center
We conducted a literature search to assess existing law involving parental choice of CAM therapies for their children. We also selected a convenience sample of 18 states of varying sizes and geographic locations. In each state, we inquired within the Department of Health and Human Services whether staff were aware of (1) any internal policies concerning these issues or (2) any cases in the previous 5 years in which either (a) the state initiated proceedings against parents for using CAM therapies for their children or (b) the department received telephone calls or other information reporting abuse and neglect in this domain. We asked the American Academy of Pediatrics and the leading CAM professional organizations concerning any relevant, reported cases... Pediatric use of CAM therapies raises complex issues. Clinicians, hospitals, state agencies, courts, and professional organizations may benefit from a policy framework to help guide decision making.
Michael H. Cohen et al
We will present findings about the application of safe (non-toxic, non-irritant) blends of essential oils in contributing to the effectiveness of treatment for children with disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder and sensory defensiveness.
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, Trevor Stokes
"Alt-med" believers usually feel that they are in a privileged position when it comes to debate. Being in possession of a "revealed truth", they tend to feel that anyone who does not share their beliefs is obliged to defend their skepticism. This is expressed as a set of (until now) unwritten rules of debate that place the skeptic and rationalist in an inferior position.
James Laidler

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