Tools used to make this site:

  • Microsoft Access: Kathleen designed the schema and populates the database with the results of her research
  • PHP with Smarty and ADODB: Dave created Smarty templates from Kathleen's page designs, and wrote the PHP/Smarty/ADODB code that generates the entire site from the database (except for a few hand-edited pages), which is then uploaded to the server as a set of static HTML pages.
  • Our HTML editor is HTML-Kit.
  • ScanSort OmniPage Pro 14, for scanning documents and converting them to HTML (e.g., court documents from Rankowski vs. Falmouth).

Kathleen locates material to index on the site by plowing through the results of countless Google searches, using a wide variety of search terms in many different combinations; and by using Google Alerts, which sends notice of recently-indexed pages.

September 2004
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