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Amen, author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, pioneers the use of Brain SPECT Imaging (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) in clinical psychiatric practice, with the world's largest database of functional brain scans for neuropsychiatry.
Provides services to help people of all ages with autistic-spectrum disorders and their families. Uses the ABA method, the only scientifically-based and state-approved treatment for ASD.
To gather scientific data and clinical know-how regarding the biomedical aspects of autism, ADHD and other developmental disorders.
A private non-profit human service agency which provides community employment services, supported employment and other clinical supports to young adults and adults with autism and other challenging developmental disabilities.
The Center empowers families who have a member with autism or related disorder by providing current, accurate, and unbiased information about autism, services, referrals, resources, and research trends.
Offers a full range of residential, educational, vocational and rehabilitative services for children and adults with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, or other neurological impairments. Facilities in New Jersey, Maine and Louisiana.
Toronto-based service organization. The Specialized Programming Service provides assessment and programming services to children, adolescents and adults with neuro-integrative disorders.
Provides high-quality, effective interventions for children with developmental disabilities, and to provide training to other professionals in the delivery of these services.
Provides comprehensive services for Asperger's Syndrome including group social skills training, individual therapy, in-home behavior modification, and coordination of treatment in the school.
A center for social skills training and a center for psychological services located in Atlanta, Georgia. We are a training site for students from Emory University, Georgia State University, and Georgia School for Professional Psychology.
Specialists in art, music, movement/dance, drama or intermodal therapy. We evaluate each group or person before choosing the particular kind of work and therapist that we feel would produce the most effective treatment
A transdisciplinary team of specialists offering diagnostic assessment, psychological or neuropsychological testing, speech and language assessment, functional analyses of behavior, specialized assessments, neurological examinations, etc.
North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System
Through diagnostic evaluation, personalized recommendations and intervention, we strive to help children achieve success in their everyday lives. Located in Atlanta, Georgia.
Offers an 18-bed inpatient pediatric unit and a 16-bed inpatient unit for the Prader-Willi Syndrome/Behavioral Disorders Programs. Outpatient programs, The Day School, speech-language, physical and occupational therapies.
A home and treatment center for children and young adults who have developmental disabilities due to closed head injuries, seizure disorders, cerebral palsy, autism, behavioral and genetic liabilities and physical handicaps.
Brief descriptions of specialists most commonly associated with diagnosis, intervention, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders, as well as suggestions about how to select professionals to work with you and your child.
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, University of Albany SUNY
Listings of clinicians in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, United Kingdom
Funded by the Virginia Legislature to provide ongoing support to families and professionals, develop regional networks, provide technical assistance, and conduct conferences related to PDD's/ASD's.
Curtis Cripe, Ph.D. and Martha Grout, MD. provide a comprehensive approach to how your brain functions, identifying underlying issues which may create dysfunction and then, more importantly determining and providing programs to correct imbalances.
Provides services to people who are unable to talk, or to talk clearly. Staff includes a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a speech pathologist, a computer consultant, a technician, and a teacher.
DCACT continues to work towards the day when all people with ASD have their individual needs met with appropriate services. The DCACT employs over 200 staff and works to support almost seventy five people with the condition and their families.
ECI goes to families. Our work is where babies and toddlers live, learn, and play. ECI staff and your family will be partners during these important first three years of your child's life.
An innovative medical facility utilizing modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to address a wide variety of environmentally-influenced health conditions
Cost-effective, community-based lifespan services ranging from early intervention programming to services for older adults with autism.
Created in 1990 due to the total lack of a therapeutic center for infant autistic children in the greater Tel Aviv area. In Hebrew and English.
Provides therapy to clients by providing an innovative intervention approach focusing on individual and family needs, educational and community programs. We help provide children with the tools needed to function in our world -- on their terms.
Auditory Integration Training and Digital Auditory Aerobics. AIT addresses hearing distortions, hyperacute hearing and sensory processing anomalies which cause discomfort and confusion in learning disabled and developmentally delayed children.
Seeks to help people with autistic spectrum disorders, and their families and carers. Provides information and support, holds members meetings, works with local authorities and voluntary organisations, provides facilities, raises public awareness
A small boarding school for 25 boys of high ability who need a personal environment with an unusual amount of adult attention and structure. It is primarily a junior school, suited particularly to students from 9 to 15 years old.
Drug-free alternative for identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan.
We provide services to individuals who have mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and other conditions closely related to mental retardation.
Offering psychotherapy and social skills training to young people with AS.
Lawrence Weathers
Develops innovative solutions for people with autism, provides training and supports for people with autism and helps others understand autism and better solutions for people with autism through education and consultation.
Outreach training and consultation, research, development and dissemination of information to local communities, organizations, and families supporting children and adults across the autism spectrum.
IRIS provides consultancy services to organizations working with special needs population and individuals with special needs. Assessments are generally home based.
Offers behavioral treatment for young children with autism ages 24 months to 5 years. The program immerses the child into learning the language and social skills that most children without autism learn naturally from their environments.
Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children, Inc.
Uses a multi-faceted approach to educate students with language processing difficulties. The programme is adapted to the needs of each student and emphasizes the academic, personal, physical and social development of the individual.
At Massachusetts General Hospital. Founded in 1981, LADDERS is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide services in the evaluation and treatment of children and adults with autism, pervasive developmental disorder and related disorders.
Community and home-based approach to behavioural intervention. Designs, implements and monitors individual behaviour management programs; consultants to families on services; training and support;
Mandy's Special Farm offers highest quality, long term, 24-hour care for a maximum six women with autism, to help these women achieve their greatest self-sufficiency, within a caring, structured, positive, purposeful, encouraging home-like atmosphere.
Specialized clinical and educational services for children and adolescents with disabilities such as autism, AS and NLD. Neuropsychological Assessments, Pragmatic Groups, Individual Therapy, School Consultation, CNS Pathways Academy.
A center for the comprehensive evaluation and treatment of children with special needs. Provides neurological and developmental services to children throughout South Florida as well as South America.
Comprehensive resource directory, with a special focus on adult autism issues, especially in Ontario, Canada.
We hypothesize that these children need the lipid soluble form of vitamin A found in liver, kidney, milk fat and cod liver oil. We believe that vitamin A in the natural form, helps rebuild the areas of the brain that affect vision and speech.
Mary Megson
playB.A. is an integration of play, incidental teaching, and direct instruction supervised and delivered by staff trained in ABA. As much as possible, the children are encouraged to learn more from each other than from the staff.
A cooperative effort between the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and Southwest Missouri State University. ACCESS provides support and technical assistance to school districts serving students with autism.
Our passion at Reinforcement Unlimited is to improve the lives of children by using scientifically validated procedures. In each consultation our focus is on making behavioral and educational change recommendations in order to significantly improve the quality of life of the child and those involved in the child's life.
Robert W. Montgomery, Ph.D., BCBA
These facilities and organizations are centers of or fundraisers for research into autistic spectrum disorders. Although they may carry out or fund studies of new treatments, they are generally not sources of ongoing medical care.
Mitzi Waltz
A place in the country where autistic people can learn to live happy and productive lives. We look at life as a learning experience and use every opportunity to enhance language and practical living skills.
Offers integrated and comprehensive research and referral information, emotional support and related help. Current programs are designed to help families learn about the disorder, accept the diagnosis, create a home program and rebuild their lives.
Programs for students age 3-22. Our program philosophy emphasizes non-aversive applied behavior analysis, data-guided teaching and decision-making and client advocacy.
A resource for families of autistic spectrum and other communication delayed children. We offer tutoring for both parents and children and education about the various methods of working with unique learners.
Evaluation, treatment and consultative services for youngsters from 2-18. Emphasizes treatment and advocacy approaches that alleviate the underlying developmental disorder and target comorbid psychiatric conditions,
Public agencies, state Departments of Education, State Developmental Disabilities Councils, University Affiliated Programs, Protection and Advocacy Agency and Client Assistance Programs, Employment resources
Neurofeedback services
A community non-profit organization which emerged from the disability independent living movement. TLG's mission has been to create, demonstrate and encourage resources and model early intervention services which are non-pathological and empowering.
Operates through the Behavior Analysis Program in the Department of Psychology and specializes in early intensive intervention for young children with autistic behaviors.
We are a community based program, which means our staff members travel to visit our constituents in their homes, schools or wherever assistance is needed. Because our program is funded by the Florida legislature, all of our services are free.
WEAP senior staff have studied with Dr. Lovaas at UCLA and have passed his certification process. WEAP has offered treatment across the state wherever it was requested, resulting in gradual growth of the availability of services throughout Wisconsin.
Los Angeles-based service provider specializing in the treatment of autism utilizing applied behavioral analysis with an emphasis on discrete trial training.
Provides a range of services for individuals with autism or related disorders and their families.

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