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I dream for a living.

Steven Spielberg

I'd rather direct than produce. Any day. And twice on Sunday.

Steven Spielberg

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One day, Arnold (an electrical engineer involved in the development of computers) brought a tiny transistor home and showed it to Steven, declaring that it represented "the future." Steven's response? He took it, put it in his mouth, and washed it down with a glass of milk.
Steven Spielberg, as even he will tell you, makes two kinds of movies. There are his films that play with the future, and there are those that star the past... He can't do irony. He doesn't do darkness. Or when he does, he compulsively rescues the bleak truth with a bolt of hopefulness, with a touch of ET's illuminated finger.
Lisa Kennedy, Wired Magazine
Spielberg is a great filmmaker without a doubt, and it does not seem he is anywhere near done making films, and with all of the money he has he probably could do anything he wanted to. And recently Spielberg graduated from Long Beach State University with a degree in filmmaking. His possibilities are still limitless.
Internet Movie Database
Spielberg is arguably the most financially successful motion picture director of all time. He has helmed an astounding number of feature films that have become enormous box-office hits, and this has given him enormous influence in Hollywood. As of 2004, he has been listed in Premiere and other magazines as the most "powerful" and influential figure in the motion picture industry.
Steven Allan Spielberg KBE (born on December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is an American film director whose films range from science fiction to historical drama to horror.
...Phoenix... was (w)here his love for movies (and his financial acumen) began to blossom. Perhaps unnaturally quickly, if reports that Spielberg suffered from Asperger's Syndrome are to be believed. This is a mild form of autism that leads to obsessional interests - often with very positive results.
Tiscali Film and TV
Established to videotape and preserve the testimonies of Holocaust survivors and other witnesses.
Spielberg's most important contribution to modern movies is his insight that there was an enormous audience to be created if old-style B-movie stories were made with A-level craftsmanship and enhanced with the latest developments in special effects.
Time Magazine
With David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, owns Hollywood hit factory DreamWorks SKG. Concentrates on making movies, not meetings: "I get a headache when they start talking about refinancing and things like that."
Forbes Magazine

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